Update: This contest is now over

Our Cigar Tips contest is now over – there were lots of great entries and a ton of helpful tips for cigar hobbyists of all levels. The winner of the D’Crossier 10-pack bundle was thajoemanone for his creative, funny, and useful tip, “If your wife finds your stash make sure to take price tags off of your sticks.” Congratulations to our winner and thank you to all that participated. The Great Cigar Giveaway will return next week!

Cigar contest winner

Cigar ContestIf you visit the Cigar Dojo app frequently, chances are you’ve seen a chic Costa Rican brand known as D’Crossier. What’s more, chances are you thought to yourself, “Wow, that looks like a good cigar!” Well sir, you’re not wrong – using some of the finest tobaccos and materials available, coupled with a cedar aging process that’s second to none, D’Crossier cigars truly are some of the finest available in today’s market.

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New releases for D’Crossier this year include the 93-rated D’Crossier Golden Blend Aged 10 Years and the ultra-premium, small batch D’Crossier L’Forte.

This week’s contest theme is: Share your best cigar tips

Everyone’s got their own techniques, traditions, and insight as to the proper way to enjoy this oh-so-sophisticated hobby of cigar smoking, and this week, we want the inside scoop. Of course, we understand that this is all subjective, but darn it, if there’s a good tip out there, we want to know about it and try it for ourselves! Who knows, we might all just learn a thing or two…

This week, post your very best cigar tips for a chance at winning some classy cigars. But remember, only the best (or most creative) will win, so please don’t tell me to “make sure you cut your cigars before lighting”…

 Read the rules below for more information! 

How to enter

Make a post on the Cigar Dojo app that explains your favorite cigar tip (pictures help!) and make sure to include the hashtag #cigarTip.

Note: Contest entries should be new, i.e. created for this contest. Any mention of Cigar Dojo in your entry pictures is encouraged – i.e. Cigar Dojo cards, drawings, computer screens, etc…

Be creative! We love to see interesting cigar pictures, use a cool camera effect, angle, filters, lenses, and lighting! Anything to make your image stand out.

An example of an entry might be as follows….

Cigar smoking tip

Hold on to your prized possessions until you find a replacement #cigarTip

At Cigar Dojo, we are very thankful and appreciative of our members, and we want to pass on the appreciation in the form of free cigars! This week’s contest will run from Thursday, September 11th at 4PM (MDT) and will end Friday, September 12th at 7PM (MDT). The winners will be announced on Friday night or Saturday morning on the Cigar Dojo app.

So let’s get started shall we?

And the PRIZES are….

1st prize cigar giveaway

Bundle of 10 D’Crossier cigars

For this “flash contest”, there will only be one winner… but the prize is of the upmost quality, one that truly deserves a spot on your top shelf. This week’s 1st place winner will receive a multitude of D’Crossier cigars, including the Imperium Class, Diplomacy Series, Premium Blend, Golden Blend Aged 10 Years, unreleased blends, and a special 2005 original D’Crossier (10 cigars total)! D’Crossier cigars are crafted in Costa Rica using some of the best tobaccos available, they are then aged for very long periods of time and the final product is nothing short of amazing. Flavors are often smooth and delicate, with medium body and light, complex flavors – though the new GB 10yr is a full-bodied onslaught of flavor and strength. There’s something for everyone in this D’Crossier sampler, with flavors so smooth you may find yourself inhaling!

D'Crossier cigar bundle giveaway

NOTE: This weeks winners will be picked by the Cigar Dojo staff. We will be judging the images on artistic quality and best overall image that fits in this weeks theme. Entries and extra credit will add to your chances, giving you a better shot at being picked.

 Post your entries on the Cigar Dojo App and include the hashtag #cigarTip 

Entries are limited to 2 per day so make them count!

When you post your entry image in our cigar app, you are officially entered into this weeks contest! Simple eh? By posting an entry you are agreeing to the contest rules which are as follows:

Contest presented by CigarDojo.com. Estimated retail value of prizes $150.00. No substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent of prizes by any winner. No purchase necessary. Winners MUST email their name and shipping address to sensei@cigardojo.com. Must be 21 or older to participate. Odds of winning depend on number of customer entries, winners picked at random contestants may have multiple entries. Taxes and fees, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of CigarDojo.com are ineligible. This contest is void where prohibited by law and subject to local, state and federal law. Only original images or original compositions will be considered in the final selections. We are not responsible for prizes that may become lost or damaged during shipping. Many will enter, few will win.

Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook and earn extra credit

Want to help out the Dojo? Post your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as Cigar Dojo of course) and try to include these four elements:





An example might be….

Lick the cigars cap before cutting 4 a clean cut #cigarTip @CigarDojo - post ur tips 4 a chance 2 win free @dcrossier https://cigardojo.com/?p=14532


Always choose quality over quantity #cigarTip - post cigar tips 4 a chance 2 win free @dcrossier cigars on @CigarDojo https://cigardojo.com/?p=14532

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