Okay cigar fanatics, here’s the quick-and-dirty info on keeping those prized stogies in peek performing condition. Because whether you’re new to cigars or are an old pro, we’ve all experienced the headache of a damaged cigar.

Whether your cigars arrived damaged out of the box, suffer from improper storage, or maybe you accidentally cut too much off the head – a damaged cigar wrapper is just as bad as a straw with a hole! But all is not lost, 9 times out of 10 the issue can be resolved in no time.

Using similar ingredients as the rollers themselves, a damaged cigar wrapper can be repaired as follows:


  • Fruit pectin
  • Distilled water
  • Clean hands

Your main ingredient here is the pectin, this is a powder (extracted from citrus fruits) that is often used as a gelling agent in making jam. You can find this stuff at most grocery stores, basically anywhere that sells mason jars will sell pectin. Usually the price is around $3, which will basically last you forever…

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As with keeping your cigars humid, you’ll want to stick with distilled water for the solvent (which you should have plenty of, considering your cigars are well-kept).

Cigar tip, how to fix a damaged cigar

Mixing the formula

  1. Add a pinch of pectin and equal portion distilled water onto a clean surface (plastic cigar bag, saran wrap, etc.)
  2. Mix the two together with a clean finger until the texture resembles that of snot (pardon the expression)
  3. Apply over the cigars wrapper, continuing in the natural direction of the wrapper
  4. Allow a minute or two for the cigar to dry
  5. Return to humidor or begin smoking!

how to fix a damaged cigar Cigar glue mixture repairing a damaged cigar wrapper

This is a natural and healthy glue-like substance that is completely safe to use on cigars, it is often used as a filler in juices and foods.

It may be beneficial to mix a larger portion together and keep in a sealed jar for occasions when the cigar cracks while being smoked.

Pre-made cigar glues can also be purchased from local B&M’s for around $10 

Cigar Smoking Quick Tips

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