Carpe Noctem, a Latin phrase meaning “Seize the Night.” This is a new cigar by Gary Griffith from Emilio Cigars due to release any day now. For those of you who may not know, not only is Gary Griffith a boutique brand owner, he is the man behind the House of Emilio and a chain of walk-in humidors in Delaware and surrounding states. I have come to know Gary very well over that last year. So much so, he gave me a test sample of the Carpe Noctem back in May and free sample of the final product when he returned from IPCPR.

The Carpe Noctem is a project that was two years in the making. Gary refused to push this cigar into the market until it was absolutely ready. And that patience has paid off ten fold. The test sample that I smoked back in May was a 6×52 Toro, which is the size that Gary uses during his blending process. However the sample reviewed today is the final product and is a 6×50 Toro.

The presentation on this cigar is bit different from other Emilio cigars. If any of you have ever smoked an Emilio cigar, you will notice that the artwork on the bands is fairly simple and clean. However the artwork on the Carpe Noctem band is ornate and this is the first time Gary has used a foot band on his cigars.

Now lets focus on this gorgeous cigar. The wrapper has a toothy deep brown Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The wrapper was almost seamless with minimal veins. A quick whiff of the wrapper gives off a sweet dark chocolate aroma and the foot also has a sweet tobacco scent. After nipping the cap with a straight cut; the dry draw was sweet, dark and rich.

Carpe Noctem cigar review

First Third:

The first few puffs of the Carpe greeted me with pepper, earth and chocolate notes. Off the bat this cigar is complex! The reason I say that is because literally ever puff I took, a new flavor note showed itself. Other than the initial flavors previously stated, I picked up flavors of leather, oak, anise, licorice, black coffee and sweet dark fruit.

Just to emphasize how complex this cigar is, each time I retro haled I got different flavor notes on each retro: charcoal/coffee, white pepper, and leather/coffee. So far this cigar has just blown my mind in 10 different ways! Unreal!

Carpe Noctem cigar review and rating

Second Third

The ash is a light grey, almost white in color and fell right at the start of this third. The cigar has a great draw and is putting out great amounts of smoke and the burn line is near perfect.

This third takes off with sweet chocolate and hints of floral notes. Again each puff delivers something different. Deep leather, oak, licorice, sweet roasted coffee, hay, mild pepper, and a dark fruity note that I can only characterize as raisin. A shy creamy note plays around on the peripheral of my palate but never really steps forward. Have I told you I was mind blown already?

Retro notes: Pepper, charred oak, anise and coffee.

Carpe Noctem cigar rating

Final Third:

The flavor explosion tapers down a bit and narrows down to three flavors – roasted coffee, floral and dark fruit.

Retro Notes: Oak, Dark Fruit, and white pepper.

Carpe Noctem cigar review and rating

Will I smoke this cigar again?

Definitely, HELL YEAH!

The Carpe Noctem will feature a Robusto, Toro and 6 ½ x 60. And the price point will range from $9 to $9.95. (Well worth its price)

Carpe Noctem cigar review and rating

Carpe Noctem
The Carpe Noctem is an extraordinary full body cigar with fantastic construction that did not require a single touch up. The mouth feel is easy on the palate with a long finish. I have never smoked a cigar with such a vast array of deep complex flavor notes. Here is the best way I can summarize my experience with the Carpe Noctem: Picture a circle of dancers, and each dancer represents a flavor note. As the music plays, each dancer takes a turn or multiple turns dancing with you in the center. And when it is all said and done, you just had the best experience of your life. The next time I smoke the Carpe Noctem, I am going to pair it with a nice coffee stout beer or oaky bourbon and enjoy the bliss!
  • Great construction
  • Draw is on point
  • Hard to find
  • Appearance is forgettable
89%All-around solid
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