Rob Weiss has joined Matt Booth and Mike Ditka in Comacho/Davidoff’s “Board of the Bold” with his new brand, BG Meyer Co. Today I will be reviewing the first installment of this line – Standard Issue. I’m smoking the Robusto, which is a 5 x 50 cigar, with a lot of paper on it. But that’s ok, ’cause it looks good! This cigar is dressed in a sleeve that runs from foot to band and, when unraveled, reads, “The breadth of a man’s spirit rests in his passion for adventure. A life of merit is not measured by accomplishments, but rather the road traveled to get there. Forging your own path. Embracing the unknown in search of meaning, excitement, fulfillment. Those searching for an epiphany and the freedom found along the way. The B.G. Meyer company celebrates this journey. Your journey.” To which I reply, “Um, thanks?”

Well, once you get past that, underneath is a foot band that says, “BG Meyer Standard Issue,” and it looks pretty cool. The main band is black, gold and white, with a pretty neat BGM monogram. Beneath all of this is a rich, dark, Nicaraguan habano wrapper. The binder is Nicaragua Esteli tobacco and the filler is also Nicaraguan, composed of Esteli, Jalapa and Ometepe.

Camacho BG Meyer Co. Standard Issue cigar review

The pre draw and toast up go smooth. Pre draw tastes clean, with some light cocoa and coffee notes. Toasting is smooth and even, but I would later discover that this is the only time it will be so. First draw releases tons of chewy smoke with some woodsy and leathery notes. There is a slight cinnamon in the background, which numbs your tongue a little, but not in a bad way. After a few puffs, I get a rich coffee mixed with half and half. So far it is a very creamy and smooth cigar!

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BG Meyer Co. Standard Issue robusto cigar review

After a few more draws, the burn begins to curve, so I touch it up a bit. The draw itself is excellent! Thick, chalky, creamy smoke on each puff. The flavors continue to revolve around the smokey wood, coffee and cream. It’s an interesting combo and I really enjoy it. The flavor lingers with each draw and the smoke hangs around your nose. Speaking of your nose, be sure to retro this bad boy! The retro-hale brings out cedar, leather and spice. Not a lot of pepper in this cigar, which is actually pleasant.

With each transition, I have to touch up the cigar and the ash falls almost every inch. The flavors never really change or build, but are consistent; which in my opinion is a fair trade off. The cigar burns rather quickly, so between that and the wonky burn, I was burning the band before I knew it! The cigar is medium/full in strength, closer to medium, and the body was medium/full – closer to full from start to finish.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the BG Meyer Standard Issue, and at about $8 a stick it’s a fair deal. My only concern with this cigar is the burn. I tried my hardest to keep it under control but there was no taming this beast. Although, a little more time in the humidor may remedy the issue.

BG Meyer Co. Standard Issue cigar review

BG Meyer Standard Issue
This is a fun smoke with big flavors that are easily enjoyed by most palates. In the end, it is a lack of complexity/progression & burning issues that are its downfall.
  • Clean, enjoyable flavors
  • Excellent draw
  • Good smoke output
  • Lack of progression
  • Burn issues throughout
  • Inconsistencies between cigars
88%3 cigar purchase
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