Pinolero: A colloquial (local) term for a Nicaraguan. Used extensively in Nicaraguan Spanish. (Wikipedia).

Like many in the Dojo Nation, I am a big fan of A.J. Fernandez blended cigars. The Pinolero was released in 2013 to compliment the San Lotano Oval line which in my opinion is fantastic. In late 2013 I started seeing the Pinolero Maduro show up on my local B&M’s shelves. I have always been a fan of the Maduro wrappers but lately I have been on a Habano kick, so i just passed on the maduro.

Pinolero Cigar Review and Rating

Well as things sometimes happen, I went to get a Pinolero and they were out. Well, never a better time to try something new so…… I picked up a Pinolero Maduro in Robusto size.

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Tale of the tape:

  • Churchill: 7×52 $9.10
  • Figarado: 5.75×54 $9.10
  • Grand Toro: 6×60 $10.40
  • Robusto: 5×52 $8.50
  • Toro: 6×52 $8.70
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: A.J. Fernandez Special Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan and Fernandez Family Secret
  • Flavor/Strength: Full/Full

When I went got home and pulled the cigar out of the cellophane wrapper, I was blown away by the scent! Sweet earth and pepper aromas flew off this cigar. The cigar had a foot band that was easily removed which complemented the very colorful and interesting main band. The cigar was dark brown (nearly black) and a bit rough to the touch with minimal veins and a nice oily sheen. It was hefty and felt great in the hand. Construction appeared to be top notch.

I smoked several of the Pinolero Maduro cigars in the robusto size for this review just to make sure I was presenting the best account.. The flavors from the pre light draw, which is phenomenal by the way, have hints of black pepper and cedar.

Once lit, the cigar took me back to my grandfathers house when I was a kid. It was not uncommon for him to be smoking a pipe, a cigar and a “chaw of bakki” all at one time. This cigar smelled of all three combined. I would not hesitate to smoke this one inside.

The initial puff of smoke hit me with a strong blast of black pepper and the retrohale was like snorting a line of crushed pepper! Don’t ask……. At any rate, be careful of the first retrohale it will knock your socks off.

Once the cigar warmed a little the initial blast of pepper subsided just a touch and was joined by sweet spice and a hint of cocoa which continued through the 1st third of the cigar.

Pinolero Cigar Review and Rating

The 2nd third of the Pinolero had the Black pepper fading off the draw. The remaining pepper was surprisingly smooth at this point in the retrohale. Sweet spice and cedar took over the majority of the flavor profile with the cocoa lurking way in the background. The cigar has a medium to long finish with the cedar tingling the tongue.

Pinolero Cigar Review and Rating

The final third saw a resurgence of black pepper creeping back into the picture with the sweet spice, cedar and cocoa blending perfectly.

This robusto lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes which is a little longer than normal for me in this size. The burn remained nearly razor sharp throughout and the ash and held just over an inch.

Pinolero Cigar Review and Rating

Would I smoke this cigar again?

The Pinolero Maduro is like a fine woman, great from the first kiss, and gets better at the climax! This is a box worthy cigar my friends. If you have not tried the Pinolero or Pinolero Maduro, I suggest you do so at your next visit to the B&M.


Pinolero Maduro
Any time AJ creates a new blend, cigar fans take notice. This moderately priced maduro delivers all the spicy flavors one would come to expect from such a Nicaraguan blend. And while the look/feel leaves something to be desired, the flavors warrant an easy 5-pack purchase.
  • Great aroma
  • Long burner
  • Top notch construction
  • Simple flavors
  • Can be hard to find
  • Won't stand out in a humidor
89%5-pack no brainer
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