“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

“Here I am!”

I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes, right?… Well anyhoo, as the story goes, there was a guy who met a girl, but there was a problem. He was Montague and she was Capulet, dun dun dun! He loved her and she loved him, but they weren’t allowed to be together. So he fights some guys, gets banished, she decides to fake a suicide so she can run away with him, Romeo hears she’s dead, and he goes to see her in her crypt. Thinking she is actually dead, he drinks a hefty portion of poison to kill himself! Just then, she wakes up and sees he’s dead and that he left no poison for her. She then kills herself with a dagger and they both died happily ever after! Or something like that… But alas! They are together again, thanks to Romeo y Julieta and Famous Smoke Shop’s release of two lines – one Montague, the other Capulet. And since they are a house blend for Famous, they will never be separated again!

Romeo y Julieta cigar review

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Okay, okay, don’t bore us – get to the chorus! Let’s review.

Today I will be reviewing one half of the story, Famous Smoke Shop’s exclusive – Romeo y Julieta Cigar’s House of Montague. I received the robusto size as a free sample with a purchase I placed recently and, having not smoked a RyJ in a while, I was a little excited. The cigar is clad in the classic Romeo y Julieta band and has a large footer band with some intricate decoration (that I couldn’t quite understand). But it defiantly looked cool! The cigar itself is firm with a dark, leathery wrapper and a few seams down the stick. The nose smells of cloves and rich cedar.

Cutting and pre-draw went well – I could tell the construction was good just from the firmness of the cigar. Now let’s discuss the flavors. The start was unpleasantly bitter, but that faded away fast and made me think it could probably have used some more age. After the bitterness, there was a woodsy aroma and flavors of orange zest and clove that tickled the tip of my tongue. This was an ultra mild smoke in both body and strength. At certain points, there was not much to it at all.

Romeo y Julieta House of Montague cigar review

The second third did not add much to the cigar, just a hint of tobacco that faded in and out. All the flavors were there, just ultra mild, like I stated earlier. The cigar isn’t bad, just not as robust as most cigars I smoke. I enjoyed the first half of the cigar, it was a relaxing smoke and I didn’t have to pay much attention to it. No touch-ups needed and the burn was great – along with a perfect draw, every time. After the first half, the light flavors faded away and I was left with mostly smoke. It’s not harsh or unpleasant, it’s just smoke.

I put the cigar down shortly after the final third started. By then, the flavors faded away and the risen started to seep in. I was neither thrilled nor disappointed with this cigar. It was a pleasant smoke and it holds true to the RyJ line, and at a bargain price point of $5. It gets no complaints from me. Just not my taste.

Romeo y Julieta Montague cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Probably not. Just because it’s not my style of smoke. I’m sure it is very pleasing to plenty of smokers out there, but I personally like more body in the ones I smoke.

Romeo y Julieta robusto cigar review

Romeo y Julieta House of Montague
A shop-exclusive smoke that makes up for its lack of thrilling flavor and complexity with an extremely affordable price point. These are worth a 5-pack if only to save for your less experienced smoking friends.
  • Perfect draw
  • Great price point
  • No theme/identity
  • Not much to offer for the discerning palate
85%Good yard 'gar
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