Honoring ten years of Pete Johnson’s involvement in the cigar industry, Tatuaje Cigars has released the Regios Reserva (among many others), a modified version of the original Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador Regios and a re-release of the 2009 Regios Reserva, which added the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Keeping track of Tatuaje’s constant new releases, re-releases, tweaked and “spinoff” cigar releases can prove to be confusing (to say the least), so I’ll leave the detailed origin of the Regios at that and skip on to the fun stuff!

The Regios weighs in at 5.5 inches with a 50 ring gauge, looking like a slightly longer robusto. This is a gnarly stick no doubt, with about as much tooth as a #60 grit sheet of sandpaper! There are a few dark veins running the length of the stick and a shimmering, oily sparkle glistens when held to the light. The band is your standard brown Tatuaje label, accompanied by the special Reserva sub-band. The cigar feels very well-rolled, with a dense, weighty feel in the hand and a perfectly placed triple cap to finish it off. Yes, everything seems to be in order here, with the look and feel of another classic Tatuaje smoke – let’s fire up, shall we?

Tatuaje Regios Reserva cigar

Tatuaje Regios Reserva 2013 cigar review

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On the nose I found the Regios to have light aromas of oak, black licorice, and wet soil; it’s not something that jumps out at you, but interesting enough to ponder awhile before cutting and lighting. The cold draw gives a hint for what’s to come, it feels full and decadent, with nuances of coffee and wet earth. Upon lighting, an absolutely perfect draw gives way to some rather chewy, in-you-face flavors! Coffee beans and raw cocoa are at the forefront, with an alcoholic-like essence to it, almost like a liqueur. The smoke output is also very satisfying, I like to know that all my puffing is having an effect on the cigar.

As with the initial flavors on the palate, the retrohale does not disappoint. It’s zesty, it’s zingy, it has that touch of pepper to clear those sinuses, and a nice creamy coffee on the backdrop, so not to let things get too out of hand. There seems to be a sweet, sugary coffee presence throughout the smoke – it’s noticeable on the lips from the oily wrapper, it’s apparent on the finish of the retrohale, and it weaves its way throughout the duration of the cigar. The best way I can describe this is a well-made cup of Cuban coffee, having the kick of an espresso, with loads of sugary cream to balance it out.

Tatuaje 2013 cigar review

At about the halfway point the flavors begin to shift a bit, cookie dough and wheat bread make a welcome appearance, then suddenly a caramel twist! Playing with that alcoholic vibe I was picking up on, it has the qualities of a Godiva Caramel Milk Chocolate liqueur, which I was obviously really loving. The finish is clean and sweet, never leaving anything unwanted. The flavors again shifted nearing the end of the smoke, with a nice, toasty wood and bread feel. The retrohale really mellowed out around this point and I was able to let the smoke slowly spin through the nostrils, giving more of that sweet caramel quality from before.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Well I think that’s pretty obvious, yes! This was my third time smoking the Regios Reserva and with all three occasions (spanning about six months) I took separate notes, making sure not to view what I had previously written down. Interestingly enough, I had written nearly identical ideas on all three – primarily touching on the sweet, dessert-like aspect of the cigar, the surprising caramel after the halfway mark, and the coffee and doughy aspects of the smoke throughout. I feel confident in saying these are defining flavors of this cigar. On other side notes, the cigar usually required one touchup at the halfway point and really picked up in strength, going from a medium to a full. Fans of Tatuaje and dessert-like smokes will really love this cigar, it’s loaded with flavors to keep you busy for a good hour or so – perfect for after dinner or even a “waker-upper” in the morning, like a powerful espresso shot!

Tatuaje Regios Reserva 2013 cigar rating

Tatuaje Regios Reserva 2013
A complex and decadent cigar that fires on all cylinders.
  • Decadent flavor
  • Great construction
  • Affordable
  • May require minor touchups
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