Today I have decided to massage my Ego. No really… I’m caressing this gorgeous EGO cigar from Felix Assouline in my fingertips. Felix recently released 4 cigars (some new and some re-released) they were nice enough to send us some to review. We received the Ego, Something Special, Ringo, and Havana Sunrise. I chose to review the EGO mainly because it’s the most stunning appearance and for it’s very unique shape (more on that later). All four of these cigars are box pressed and Felix says that is because the pressing of the cigars enhances the flavors. Felix Assouline (pronounced “gasoline” except with no “g”) has been in the cigar biz a long time but bowed out to spend time with family (I can certainly appreciate that). Yet now he is back and his company handles every aspect of creating these fine cigars so lets fire this up and see how she handles!

EGO Cigar by Felix Assouline rating

As I stated earlier the EGO has a very striking shape, it’s boxed pressed but also a perfecto or maybe more like a figurado. The label is gorgeous with eastern indian styling and gold foil embossing, the tobaccos used to construct this cigar are from Jamastran, Jalapa and Indonesia. The aroma of the cigar is a very subtle earthiness and after cutting there is a bit of an alarm as the draw seems very tight. However this is a figurado so after you burn through the “nipple” the draw completely opens up and you get the full flavor of the cigar.

EGO Cigar by Felix Assouline review

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After toasting and lighting I am getting very subtle and pleasant flavors of cinnamon and roasted nuts. Felix describes the EGO as a full bodied cigar but in my opinion it was more near the medium bodied realm. I’m enjoying the retrohale on the EGO and each draws leaves me with a nice toffee finish.

EGO Cigar review

There is no doubt that Felix knows his cigars as the construction on this baby was flawless. Great draw, even burn, gorgeous layered ash. As I work my way down the EGO I begin to pick up a hint of toasted marshmallows to add to the cinnamon and toffee. This is turning into a desert stick!

EGO Cigar rating

I didn’t get a massive amount of smoke from each draw yet I also didn’t have to punish it merely to get the flavor I desired. I suppose the smoke on this EGO is more subtle than it is overpowering. I paired this cigar with bourbon and the combo was utterly delicious as the toffee-nuttiness of the cigar married nicely with the charcoal butterscotch of the bourbon.

EGO Cigar by Felix Assouline review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

YES! I enjoyed this cigar. I am finding that I am starting to lean towards cigars with subtle complexity rather than “punch you in the face power”. Another thing I liked about the EGO by Felix Assouline was about an hour after smoking it I could taste a distinct chocolate chip cookie flavor and that gave me a nice reminder of the fun I had smoking this one.

EGO by Felix Assouline
With one of the most are and unique shapes of any cigar the EGO by Felix Assouline is a box-pressed perfecto. The construction is amazing but the overall smoking experience is a tad forgettable.
  • Gorgeous presentation
  • Fantastic construction
  • Flavors are not attention grabbing
  • Tight draw at start
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