The Cigar Dojo’s birthday HERF was an incredible success. There were thousands of people on the Dojo sharing a cigar and a drink celebrating our anniversary. The Cigar Dojo app was opened an amazing 9,324 times for the Birthday HERF. Special guests included the Espinosa Cigars crew, both Danny and Nelson from Moya Ruiz Cigars, Barry from Miami Cigar & Company, Gabriel from Kuuts Cigars, Adam From DiSiena, Santana from D’Crossier Cigars, Hermosa Cigars, and others! The Dojo crew awarded a massive treasure chest of 26 incredible cigar prizes and broadcast our first ever live video show where we inducted 5 members into the Dojo Hall of Fame.

The entire staff of the Cigar Dojo would like to give thanks to our great community because it is the Dojo community that makes the Cigar Dojo the greatest cigar app in the world. Here’s to another great year…… cheers!

Welcome to the Dojo Birthday Video Award Show.

We have so much to say and so much to giveaway in honor of our one year anniversary that we have decided to do a live webcam video show.

Prize Run Down…

The following prizes were given away during the Cigar Dojo Birthday HERF.

Felix Assoluline Sampler  WINNER: Waltah
Felix Assoluline Sampler  WINNER: DanSingleton
Felix Assoluline Sampler  WINNER  Brandonsr81
Felix Assoluline Sampler WINNER: jdmitch

LIVE GIVEAWAY #1 On Master Sensei’s most recent appearance on Kiss My Ash Radio who was the main guest? ANSWER: Bill Paley from La Palina Cigars.  WINNER: Meatfinger. Meatfinger wins a 5-Pack of La Jugada from Moya Ruiz.

RANDOM PICK 13 finalists 8 prizes
601 La Bomba Ashtray and t-shirt WINNER: ufrich
SOSA Shirt and Macabi 5-pack WINNER: jefft
SOSA Shirt and Macabi 5-pack WINNER: Reagan
Gurkha Sampler and Ashtray WINNER: Brandonsr81
Box of 20 Zapatas from Kuuts WINNER: Buddah
Box of 20 SOSA 60 WINNER: Chef_Dom
Box 20 Miro by Kuuts WINNER: Melvin R
Box of 20 DeSiena 312 from Doc James Online Cigar Shop WINNER: Taylor U

LIVE GIVEAWAY #2 What was the cigar of the first dojo virtual HERF? ANSWER: Oliva V. WINNER: Brah. Brah wins a 5-Pack of La Jugada from Moya Ruiz.

Box of 20 SOSA Underground Dar WINNER: George23
Signed box of 20 FAST EDDIE Wild Bunch from Eddie Ortega WINNER: drk204
Signed Box of 601 La Bomba from Espinosa WINNER: charo31
Box of 25 Imperium Class Vintage from D’Crossier WINNER: rodolfo

LIVE GIVEAWAY #3 from 1 to 100 what number is master thinking of? ANSWER: 51. WINNER: Tim W. Tim wins a 5-Pack of La Jugada from Moya Ruiz.

Gene gets Wild Bunch Set #4 (courtesy of Smoke Inn)
Meatfinger gets Wild Bunch Set #4 (courtesy of Smoke Inn)
Deford gets Wild Bunch Set #4 (courtesy of Smoke Inn)
Maxxrocket gets Wild Bunch Set #4 (courtesy of Smoke Inn)
Cuban Pete gets D’Crossier Presidential 4-Pack (courtesy of D’Crossier)

LIVE GIVEAWAY #4 best, most funny, or most creative birthday HERF pic. WINNER: Cubanassasin. He will win the first box ever of the new Nunchuck Cigars from Moya Ruiz.

The Dojo app is turning one year old!

It seems like just yesterday we were just giving birth to our bouncing baby “Dojo” and yet already he’s turning one year old! And what does that mean for you? PARTY!!! Yes folks mark your calendars for Saturday, November 9th, because it’s the Cigar Dojo Birthday virtual HERF on the Cigar Dojo app. The members of the Cigar Dojo app will all be smoking cigars on Saturday,  November 9th at 8PM eastern, (7PM central, 6PM mountain, and 5PM pacific). Don’t worry about what time you join us, just join us! We will be smoking well into the night you can count on that.

What cigar to smoke?? It’s your choice! Pick a cigar(s) that you feel fits the occasion.


Master Sensei and the rest of the Dojo crew will host the event but keep your eyes peeled for special guests throughout the night.


It’s a birthday party and you know what that means? Birthday presents!! We will be giving away so much stuff it’s gonna make your head explode (results may vary). Make sure to check the Dojo the week prior to the HERF as we will be announcing all the great prizes we will be giving away that night and what you need to do to enter to win.

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Cigar Dojo
happy birthday to you. 


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