Today, my fellow Dojo-ians, I’m going to take a look at the Leccia Tobacco White Label 650, a 6 x 50 Toro. This line of cigars was released earlier this year by Sam Leccia, formerly of the Oliva Family of Cigars and the talent behind Oliva’s Cain and Nub lines. I had no preconceived notions about the Leccia White, it was simply a new release that seemed to have gained some favor in the cigar community. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Initial indications from the pre-light were certainly favorable; the mottled, acorn-brown wrapper had a few loose seams, but the vein structure was capillary-thin. There was a distinct “inside of a barn” smell to the wrapper. To be more specific, the aroma reminded me of the horse barns at the county fair I remember from my youth. It’s the first time I ever smelled something like that in a cigar. The cold draw was fresh and sweet – hay and a little bit of black licorice.

Leccia White cigar review

As pleasant as the cigar was in pre-light, the first half-inch was equally as frustrating. The flavors were very woody, with a dry oak aroma, and quite frankly, a bit harsh. Though, I am not a fan of the woody notes in a cigar.

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Into the first third the flavors stayed relatively the same. There was a mild zest to the retro-hale and very good smoke output, but nothing jumped out at me identifying this as a upper-echelon cigar. Deeper into the first third, some peppery notes began to build in the back of my throat and the retro-hale got a little zingier. At this point, the strength was just on the mild side of medium.

In the second third things really began to change and ramp up – the body just seemed to come alive. The cigar took on a mild, creamy sweetness with a hint of cocoa and heavy cream in the background. The retro-hale built with substantially more zest and filled my nostrils with spice. The smoke was weighty and full on my palate, but very clean; I didn’t feel like I needed a tongue scrapper after every few puffs. To compliment the sweet and spicy, there was a delicious grilled meat component. Together, the aromas coming from this cigar were reminiscent of smells of a carnival midway, with its funnel cake-like sweetness bound together with the coal-fired notes of hamburgers on the grill.

Leccia White Label 650 cigar review

The transition into the final third of the cigar was made very easy. The entire flavor profile smoothed out, yet all the flavors remained. There was still plenty of sweetness and the roasted meat component prevailed. As a backdrop note, that fascinating horse barn aroma began to creep back in. Only the spice and zest in the retro-hale dropped out, leaving it as clean and smooth as the mouth-feel. The burn stayed cool and the strength ramped up significantly nearing the end, I even began to sweat a little by the time I nubbed it.

Leccia Tobacco White Label cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Overall, this is a fantastic stick. Would I buy it again? Well… giddy’up!! This was one of the two or three most satisfying cigars I’ve smoked this year and should easily be in the running for cigar of the year – it’s that good. In other words: YES. So, ’til next time… Dojo Mojo, Ya’ll!!

Guest reviewed by David Moon (aka Criollo Katana, Smokin’_Cubans)

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Leccia Tobacco White Label 650
Super balanced yet full satisfying flavors make the Leccia Tobacco White Label a Dojo favorite.
Price Value88%
  • Full flavor
  • Subtle sweetness
  • Flavor and strength progression
  • Wavy burn
88%Solid Contender
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)
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