L’Atelier Lat56

The cigar of choice for this review is L’Atelier from L’Atelier Imports. The L’Atelier is manufactured in Estelí, Nicaragua at the My Father Cigar factory. This stick was purchased from my local brick and mortar store. I selected the 6 1/2″ by 56 which is called the “Lat56” for this review. The L’Atelier also comes in two other vitolas, the Lat52 (4 3/4” by 52) and Lat54 (5 5/8” by 54). The L’Atelier comes in boxes of 15 cigars.

The L’Atelier has an appearance similar to the Cohiba BHK with a pigtail cap that provides a distinctive form at the foot and delivers a visually attractive cigar. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Sancti Spiritus, a hybrid between Pelo de Oro and Criollo tobacco, grown by the Oliva Tobacco Family in Ecuador. The look of the wrapper reminds me of the My Father S. The wrapper is medium brown in color, with veins slightly appearing on the surface. The band is glossy, utilizing gold, black, and white with a gold foil tobacco leaf in a square. The overall appearance of the cigar is pleasing. The filler and binder are both Nicaraguan tobacco.

L'Atelier Imports LAT56 cigar

Prior to lighting, the cigar had a sweet aroma at the foot. I used the traditional straight cut to remove the pigtail and a slight amount of the cap to ensure the draw would be sufficient. The pre-light draw left a light, spicy flavor on the lips. I used the butane single flame Torch lighter from Vector to toast the head of the cigar and light the stick, the light was even and started perfectly.

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The first draws on the A’Latelier provided a spicy pepper start. The cigar produced rich smoke that continued to provide a spicy hint, however, it was not overwhelming. The spicy flavor was countered with a nutty sweetness as the cigar progressed. At the second third of the cigar, the retrohale provided a hint of pepper and a nutty/woody flavor. The cigar continued to burn evenly, without any need to relight. The ash burned white, however, there was slight flaking, which did not cause any major issues and the ash held 2/3 into of the cigar. The cigar continued to generate rich smoke and the level of spice and taste changed slightly but continued in complimentary flavor.

L'Atelier LAT56 review

The construction of this cigar was excellent and it burned evenly. The more I smoked this cigar, the wrapper and burn reminded me of the My Father S. When starting the cigar, the first few draws tasted like it was going to be on the full (strength) side, however, I would place this cigar on the medium to full side as it continued to burn. This is a cigar you don’t want to put down.

As the cigar started to come to an end, I was glad I selected the “Lat56” because it was such a great stick, I honestly did not want to put it down. This cigar could hold its own with the best of cigars. I would rank this cigar at the top of the class and feel this will become a highly desired smoke, especially for the price point ($8 – $10).

Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes, and not only smoke it, I will purchase a box of it for my humidor in the near future. Additionally, I plan to purchase the sample package and do a vertical tasting.

Guest reviewed by Dr. Jimmy B. Luxury Mobile Cigar Lounge

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L’Atelier Lat56
The L’Atelier Lat56 performs in every category and the price is right. This is a Dojo favorite.
  • Great flavor
  • Excellent construction
  • Affordable
  • Some minor inconsistencies between sticks
89%Tasty Treat
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