Cain F Straight Ligero lancero tubo is a 7 x 38 inch cigar that boldly announces itself from the first puff to the final draw as a cigar that means business. As its name implies, this stick is darn near all ligero tobacco that was harvested from all three major growing regions of Nicaragua.

With the exception of stalk cut tobacco such as Connecticut broadleaf, tobacco is harvested one leaf level at a time, from the lowest useable leaves to the upper most useable leaves at different time intervals. As a general blanket statement, the lower leaves (low primings) are on the plant the least amount of time, they receive the least amount of sun, therefore they tend to be the mildest. While the upper leaves (high primings) are on the plant the longest and receive more direct sunlight, so they tend to be stronger. Ligero leaf is one of the highest priming’s of a tobacco plant.

Cain F Straight Ligero Lancero cigar review

The cigar I chose for this review had a fruity tobacco aroma to the foot and a rich tobacco flavor in the pre-light draw. The wrapper was a beautiful, earthy brown with small veins and indistinguishable seams. It’s a shame they encase it in a tube, but as I found out, the tube is necessary, as the wrapper is thin and damages easily.

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Straight away, this Nicaraguan puro smacked me right in the face with its boldness. The first third of this stick explodes with white pepper, it hit my sinuses like fresh horseradish might. My eyes even began to water at times. A dark cherry flavor complemented the pepper in the first third, adding a richness that perfectly rounded out the flavor. This pepper/cherry combination is one of my favorites. The strength is definitely medium-full at this point.

Into the second third, the dark cherry began to fade and the pepper dominated. There is no mistaking what this cigar is all about—pepper and spice, no “namby-pamby” chocolate and cream here. As the white pepper filled my nose and cayenne pepper bit at my throat, I did notice a slight cedar flavor, but as quickly as it became apparent it was washed away in another flood of pepper. Still a solid medium-full stick at this point.

Smoking Cain F Lancero Tubo

Once into the home stretch, the spice lessened and the dark cherry was allowed to return. The cigar became very earthy, and thankfully for me, the strength backed off somewhat. It’s the calm after the storm, I thought.

Overall, this is a terrific cigar, the only negative I found was the thin wrapper that cracked on me at about the halfway point and the ash had a nasty habit of falling every half inch or so. I think the wrapper is designed thin to emphasize the strong filler tobacco, and because the wrapper is so thin, there was little to support a long ash. But this is a tasty cigar that is evenly and solidly packed and burns straight and even.

It seems the brain trust at Studio Tobac put a lot of thought into this cigar and the final product was well worth that effort. Studio Tobac is a division of Oliva Cigars and produces the Nub and Cain lines.

Would I buy this cigar again? Yes, I would, but this cigar has more power than I tend to be able to handle. The flavor profile, however, is immaculate. Those of you in the Dojo who smoke full strength cigars on a regular basis will have no problem with this cigar and I encourage everyone to try it.

Dojo Mojo, ya’ll!!

Guest reviewed by David Moon (aka Smokin’_Cubans)

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Cain F Straight Ligero Lancero Tubo
Solid in every category however the wrapper is very delicate and tends to crack.
  • Strength bomb
  • Great flavors
  • Straight burn
  • Delicate wrapper
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