Ortega Serie D Maduro Belicoso

The Ortega Serie D Maduro in Belicoso! I recently reviewed the Ortega Serie D Natural Belicoso and I was completely impressed so I knew right away I needed to get my hands on a maduro version of the same cigar so I ordered a 5 pack from my favorite smoke shop. When you pull these beauties out of your humidor expect to find a very delicious coffee flavored aroma. After cutting and taking a pre-light draw you will say to yourself… “man, this Ortega knows how to roll a cigar.” because the draw is absolutely PERFECT!

Ortega Serie D Maduro cigar review

After toasting and lighting the first flavors you will notice are a deep, deep, coa coa flavor as if you just bit into a 90% dark chocolate bar. Now prepare yourself because the Ortega Serie D Maduro packs a serious punch, I like my cigars strong but even I was feeling a little buzz after just 10 minutes of so into this smoke. Spicy, peppery, full flavored ZING rushed across my mouth. These are not the type of cigars you want to give to a friend who has never smoked before, that’s for sure.

Ortega Serie D Maduro cigar rating

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The burn on this cigar was a bit uneven but I never needed to relight it and the smoke it produced was thick, creamy, oily, and plentiful. As I worked my way down this cigar I began to get a slight charred oak flavor as if this cigar had rested in a empty whiskey barrel. Pepper, spice nailed me again and again punching me like Muhammed Ali vs. Chuck Wepner. This cigar is perfect for the cigar smoker that has smoked so many cigars that his mouth is numb to the flavors because trust me this cigar will cut through any palette.

So which is better the Ortega Natural or the Maduro? Normally I would always pick the maduro but in this rare instance I think I preferred the Natural just a bit more because of it’s more complex and subtle flavors. No matter how you slice it, Eddie Ortega is a force in the cigar business and I will be excited to try anything he releases.

Ortega Serie D Maduro Belicoso
One of the best maduro cigars you can get in this price range as it performs well in almost every category.
  • Rich, deep, flavor
  • Near perfect draw
  • Affordable
  • Wavy burn
88%Classic Maduro
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