Room101 La serie C Connecticut 305c

It’s been about a year since my last cigar festival, a local get-together featuring cigars and accessories from some of the “top dogs” in the industry. Reps from CAO, La Gloria Cubana, Room 101, and even Rocky Patel himself show up and give out samples. After a long day of walking around, you come home with a sack filled with over twenty random cigars wondering, “Which one of these is worth my time?” Well, until recently, almost none. These stogies have been sitting at the bottom of my humidor soaking up my perfectly seasoned air on the off-chance I might feel spontaneous.

After having the pleasure of smoking the beautiful Room 101 O.S.O.K. I had to see what else these guys had to offer. I took a look into the dark, depths of my humi to see if there were any hidden treasures. Sure enough, I came across an interesting looking Room 101 La serie C Connecticut. It was a robusto, a nice looking cigar, which is mostly due to the band. A mean looking, demon warthog is what I’ll call it. The band is in black and silver and really stands out. Matt Booth may be a bit of a pretentious hipster, but he sure can design a nice looking smoke.

Room 101 La Serie C Connecticut cigar review

The Connecticut 305c has a light Connecticut wrapper, as you might expect. What you don’t expect is the filler, which is a dark, chocolatey color, it reminds me of an inside-out Reese’s peanut butter cup. After a cut, the taste to the tongue is a light, tingly sensation, yet a little sour. The draw feels great and tastes like chocolate. The construction isn’t great though, the cigar feels crunchy and the wrapper peels away from cutting. Let me remind you that my humidity is perfect, this one’s on you Room 101!

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Lighting this cigar gives you a quick sour flavor, similar to that taste on the tongue, but with an ashy flavor to go along. This fades a bit with a few puffs, but is an annoying reminder throughout. The flavors are very mild, earth and wood are at the forefront, with a hint of sweetness, maybe citrus. The draw is great, really easy to pull in a lot of smoke but this just doesn’t make up for the lack of flavor for me.

I toss the stick about halfway in, overall just not worth the effort. This cigar is very mild and while it wasn’t terrible, I would certainly look elsewhere. Room 101 has a lot more to offer though, I’ll give ’em this freebie.

Room101 La serie C Connecticut 305c
A great looking Connecticut but lacks the flavor to be a contender in the humidor.
  • Great looking
  • Good construction
  • Lacks flavor
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