It’s Memorial Day weekend, and what better way to honor our courageous troops and the freedom they fight for than to smoke a fine cigar. Cigars have been a representation of liberty, or lack thereof, for decades. The cigars we smoke today are a symbol of freedom from communism and a reminder that we are free to enjoy the finer things in life. And so today I will be reviewing a special stogie, the Room 101 One Shot One Kill, or OSOK – kind of like what our troops did to those commies.

Room 101 OSOK Skeleton Wrapped Cigar

This thing stares you down, begging to be smoked.

OSOK is produced by Room 101, a Camacho brand, which in turn is owned by Davidoff, so it was no surprise that these things look amazing! The story goes that the entire OSOK line was rolled by one man, that’s 30,000 sticks! When my five-pack of filero-sized stogies arrived, I was impressed. Instantly you will notice these cigars are special. Room 101 really put a lot of effort into the appearance; the cigar is wrapped in white tissue paper, which is wrapped in a stunning Mexican-inspired, black and white skeleton wrapper. I almost didn’t want to unwrap it! The excitement was too much, I had to see what this thing was really all about. Inside this beautifully packaged smoke, you will find an equally gorgeous cigar, who’d a thunk? The filero is a small, bulb-shaped stick with a tapered, torpedo head. The band is a beautiful black with silver highlights that reads: O.S.O.K. this is easily one of the best looking cigars I’ve held. On the inside of the band is yet another surprise, a QR code that takes you to their facebook page when scanned, these guys are taking cigars into the future!

One Shot One Kill Filero cigar reviewWith all this hype over the appearance, I was beginning to hope the cigar could stand up to its label. Was it all just to distract from a foul-smoke? The pre light smell was spicy and woodsy and the draw felt just right. The taste of the cut end on the tongue was outstanding, it tasted like licking a buttered steak! Lighting a bulb stogie is always a little different, how dow you toast a foot that small, do you skip toasting altogether? Regardless, get this thing lit and into your mouth, it’s going to be a wild ride. Right off the bat there are massive amounts of smoke (thank you!). There is a noticeable toasted marshmallow taste, with notes of charred oak, it reminded me of a campfire! The burn has a tough start (I believe this was due to that bulb shape) and as it expands into the large end of the stick it needs a relight. This is disappointing, as we’ve only just begun, but we’ll let this one slide. Relighting takes us right where we left off – rich, full flavors. OSOK is definitely full body, and full strength too, make sure to smoke this after a nice protein meal or this baby will knock you down! Oily, creamy smoke coats your mouth with each puff, I actually found myself pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth to soak up all the flavor I could get (are you placing your order yet?). Don’t worry, I don’t work for Room 101 (wouldn’t that be nice), this smoke was just that good. Again, the flavors of oak, rich mahogany, leather bound books… it was like it came from Anchorman Ron Burgundy’s apartment. A very complex smoke indeed, between the worldly spices and an interesting sourdough-like flavor, it was like a perfect mix between an Ashton VSG and the Alec Bradley Prensado! This little baby just kept going, as my ash reached the band, the flavors continued. This was particularly impressive as the band is usually the point in a cigar where the flavors pull back and you start getting that built-up resin/tar flavor, not desirable (at least by this reviewer). I honestly smoked the OSOK until I could barely hold it, it just wouldn’t let up. Finishing up, the most memorable attributes are a noticeable zing on the tongue, like sticking your tongue to a 9 volt, a long finish, and volumes of white smoke.

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Original OSOK Filero Cigar

The ash retains its bulb shape to the nub!

Thoroughly satisfied, this cigar makes me want to see what else Room 101 has to offer. OSOK comes in two other sizes, the chingon and the trucha, both being quite a bit larger than the filero size. If you are looking for something new to try, something interesting, something with lots of complex flavors, I strongly recommend giving these sticks a “shot” (pun anyone?).

Room 101 OSOK - One Shot One Kill Filero
One of the true legendary cigar releases. If you find any of these buy them all.
  • Incredible deep rich flavor
  • Fantastic construction
  • Complex flavors
  • Other vitolas not as good
  • Rare
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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