Occupy Wall Street May Day PosterToday is “May Day” and the un-showered smelly hippies from Occupy Wall Street are asking that we avoid work, not shop, don’t go to school, stay away from our bank, and have our kids not do any chores, all in an effort to accomplish what???? Destroy our neighbor’s business??

While a few of these things are harmless avoidance’s some of these items can really hurt our economy and especially the “little guy” on main street.

Most notably your local cigar shop could be hurt by such a protest. Therefore I am asking my fellow patriots and cigar smokers please do the following today as much as possible….

  • Go shopping!!! Buy as many cigars and other things as your budget will allow.
  • Do extra work today, do they work of two people today.
  • Do some banking. Make some withdrawals and then deposit the money back in your account.
  • Make sure your kids go to school, and if you homeschool make them do twice the work.
  • Hove your kids do twice the chores.

Occupy Wall Street is socialism on the move and we must fight against it if we are to remain free. Our country is in a battle, a battle between our free-market capitalist system that has made this the greatest country on earth and a socialist movement that is strangling this country and tearing apart the very foundation of this nation. I hate to say it folks but we are losing. Everyday we lose more and more of our freedom and it’s our duty to fight back for the freedom’s that we love. This Occupy Wall Street May Day protest is socialism on the move, after all… if banks and businesses fail… only government will remain and trust me we do not want a economy that is centered  around government.

Today, I plan to buy as many cigars as I can, both from online retailers and from my local cigar shop. I ask that you join me!

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