Padron 1926 #9 Maduro

If you enjoy smoking cigars for the flavors and enjoy picking out all the subtle details of the cigars you smoke at one pont or another you will want to smoke the best of the best, that way, you will be able to compare every cigar to that experience from that point forward. The Padron 1926 Series #9 Maduro is one such cigar. The Padron 1926 #9 is not an especially large cigar coming in at just over 5 inches and with a 56 ring gauge but this cigar is so packed with flavor that it will blow away just about any cigar you can get your hands on.

Padron 1926 #9 Maduro Review and Rating

These are not cheap cigars mind you as just one of them will set you back about $20 so you probably will not be making these your daily smoke but you will want to have at least one of these in your humidor for that special occasion when you want to smoke the very best cigar you can get your hands on.

Padron 1926 #9 Maduro Review

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This dark and oily maduro is stunning to look at, perfect construction adorned with a beautiful burgundy and gold embossed label which features an individual serial number insuring that you are smoking the real deal! The pre-light smell of this cigar is of creamy chocolates and aged tobaccos. After cutting you will notice a prefect and effortless draw which will likely cause your mouth to water in anticipation of lighting this gem. Toasting and lighting will reveal that this cigar emits a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) amount of pure white, thick, oily, chewy smoke that will satisfy even the most picky cigar smoker. The flavors of this cigar are complex, deep, and lasting. You will get notes of deep rich coa coa, expensive leather, peppery aged tobacco, and old world spices. The flavors shift and change, keeping you guessing all the way to the nub and believe me you will be smoking this baby until you burn your fingers.

The cigar burns perfectly leaving behind a tight white ash and if the burn ever begins to become uneven the cigar will kick in it’s “auto-correct” which will straighten the burn right up. There is literally nothing I can say that the Padron 1926 #9 Maduro could do to improve, as in my opinion it is the PERFECT cigar.

Padron 1926 #9 Maduro
With powerful flavors and marvelous construction the Padron 1926 Anniversario Maduro is one of the best cigars on earth.
  • Amazing, rich flavor
  • Fantastic construction
  • Tons of smoke output
  • Expensive
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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