Today is our 2nd annual CIGARBEQUE. We started CIGARBEQUE last year in honor of our tree-huggin’ liberal friends. On CIGARBEQUE we eat as many dead animals as we possibly can, smoke dozens of fine hand rolled cigars, drink some tasty adult beverages, and talk about how this country is still worth fighting for.

The other cigar Ninjas and I will post updates about all the great food, drink, and cigars that will be consumed throughout the day (and night).

The ingredients for the food portion of the event.

The champagne smoked pork tenderloin has been placed in the smoker.20120420-155009.jpg

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The first cigar of CIGARBEQUE 2012 is a Gran Habano Vintage 2001. I can’t get over what a great cigar this is for the price. Carmel creamy, oily smoke of pure deliciousness!!

Next up a tasty 601 Maduro. This baby has been sitting in my humidor for over a year and man it’s amazing. Deep and smooth with a perfect burn.


OregatoMrStogato here enjoying This wondrous day! And you know I mean business by kick starting this gig with a My Father!!

Sumatra Samurai: Ah my favorite day of the year… the barbecue to rule them all, and the perfect start to a summer of smoke. Cigarbeque means smoking a lavish amount of meat and stogies, gotta love it. I started my CBQ off right with a Murcielago robusto, my plan is to start slow and build up the big guns! I’m talking a box pressed LFD, Tatuaje Cabaiguan, E.P. Carrillo short run, and the granddaddy of them all… Padron serie 1926 #9 baby! But more on that later, for now this Murcielago will do just fine. Chocolate, light coffee and tobacco make for a great start. Now where’s that smoked meat?

Ah Oregato here again time to switch the pace up. Sit back with one of my favorites.

Good ol’ Cubao! Mellow, full bodied and plenty of billowing white smoke! Cannot deny this gem.
Round three for MrStogato.
A great intermezzo. Pinar del Rio sungrown! Looks great and the flavor to boast! Great intermission.

And at last!! The grand finale, Creme de la Creme, oooohs and aaahs!
Padron 1926 #9

Highest rated (non Cuban) cigar of all time and guess what? I LOVE THIS THING!! Been waiting all year for this and was well worth it!
So with that I leave all of my Dojo friends with sweet dreams of another perfect Cigarbeque! Goodnight ~ OregatoMrStogato..

Another CIGARBEQUE come and gone. Pounds of meat were consumed. Gallons of adult beverages were drank (and not one guest became intoxicated and acted like a jerk), dozens of fine hand-rolled cigars were smoked, and conversation filled the air reviving my hope that there are still people in this country that understand that freedom is worth fighting for. – Master Sensei

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