Totally Tubular!

What can I say! It’s a Fuente! The Arturo Fuente King T. Well known for their attention to detail, could you expect any less from their first Tubo? Of course not! Artfully decorated and with a solid seal, this tube is of a higher quality than most cigar tubes. But how about the cigar itself? As with all Fuentes, this is a wonderful looking cigar with a dark Connecticut wrapper and at 7″ with a 49 ring gauge, this churchill is just as attractive as its tube counterpart!

Fuente King Tubo Cigar Review

There are claims that the tube is what you’re paying for when you buy this cigar, and at 10$ a tubo for a lower end Fuente, I can understand these accusations. But let me assure you, at most it’s a 60/40 split with the 60 percent of the price going to the cigar!

Fuente King Tubo Cigar Review

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Pleasant to behold with a firm grip, you can only expect a great smoke to follow. You won’t be let down! A perfect razor sharp burn with a chalk white ash and great draw, every puff gives off a thick cloud of white smoke. In true Arturo fashion, the flavor is peppery and complex with earthy and leathery undertones that linger on the top of your tongue for minutes after each draw.

So it all comes down to whether or not you want to pay the “steep” price for the tube. If you ask me, I’d say buy. Think of the tube as a $4 travel case for your next cigar and enjoy this amazingly low-priced $6 cigar!

Arturo Fuente King T
A flavorful, complex stick with near perfect construction. What's not to love?
  • Complex flavors
  • Great construction
  • A tad expensive
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