Charcoal (heather) modern-fit, ultra-soft, premium Dojo shirt with bleached Dojo logo & NEW sleeve artwork.

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The Dojo Bleached Grunge shirts feature an all-new style, using a special process (discharge printing) to pull the color right out of the fabric. What does this mean for you? A) the shirts take on a unique look, with grungy deviations from shirt to shirt – so no 2 are completely the same. B) these shirts did the impossible, becoming even more comfortable than our latest “extra-soft” shirts! This is because there is no heavy inks used, meaning your shirt will neither heat up in the sun, nor crack with age.

Add that all up and we think you’ll be wearing the Dojo Bleached Grunge shirt as long as your old punk rock T’s from your glory days…

The Dojo Bleached Grunge Shirt also features our largest “poster-sized” Dojo artwork, as well as sleeve artwork for for the 1st time – #BCUZCIGARS

Dojo Bleached Grunge shirts feature a modern-style fit – when deciding between sizes, we generally recommend choosing the larger of the two, unless you’re looking for a more snug fit.

This shirt comes pre-washed so it’s ready to wear straight out of the package.

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Weight1 lbs

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double XL, Triple XL


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