CAO Fuma Em Corda Robusto cigar review
90%Welcome to the Jungle

CAO Fuma Em Corda

CAO has long been known to push the boundaries, introducing unorthodox packaging, marketing strategies, and highlighting exotic tobaccos that are often unfamiliar to the average enthusiast. This is most evident in the brand's well-known World Series, where tob... Read More...
Cohiba Blue Robusto cigar review
87%Feeling Blue

Cohiba Blue

Before Sean Williams was announced as the new face of Cohiba and even before the Cohiba Blue was introduced to the public, General Cigar Company (parent company of Cohiba) teased the cigar's release to the cigar media at a special tour of their Dominican facto... Read More...
A.J. Fernández Last Call Maduro Flaquitas cigar review
88%Dark & Gnarly

Last Call Maduro

In April of 2016, AJF Cigar Company introduced the Last Call cigar; offering a short and inexpensive smoke, intended to be enjoyed as a sort of "night cap" smoking experience. This was a somewhat surprising release, differing from the consistant look of vintag... Read More...