$5 to $8 Range

Smoke Inn Eight Ball cigar review
89%Delicate Relationship

Eight Ball

As has been the trend for several years now, the craft beer trade continues to influence the cigar industry in numerous ways. One major trend cigar manufactures have taken interest in is small batch production.... Read More...
Warped La Hacienda cigar review
90%Flavor with Style

La Hacienda

Bursting onto the scene just last year, Warped Cigars has quickly become one of the most popular, new, small-production companies around. With fantastic PR campaigns through social media, beckoning customers to... Read More...
CAO Pilón cigar review
88%Budget Friendly

CAO Pilón

Released at IPCPR 2015, the CAO Pilón brings back a traditional Cuban method of fermenting tobacco in a circular pilón (pronounced "pee-'lohn"), a practice that dates back to the 19th century. In the most commo... Read More...

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