UPDATE: this contest is now closed. The winner was Dojo member…. Stokes.

With the recent announcement that Cigar Dojo and Camacho Cigars will be launching the 2nd (and final) release of Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged this Friday, we thought we’d sweeten the pot, giving you the chance to win a full bundle of ISBA—Cigar Dojo’s most ambitious, limited edition cigar to date!

Contest Theme: Act Your Age!

In case you’re “out of the loop,” allow me to fill you in on the magic that is Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged (ISBA) before we get going on the contest details…

For Cigar Dojo’s latest collaborative cigar project, we teamed with Camacho Cigars, taking four select barrels and transporting them from Denver (our home base) to Honduras (Camacho’s home base). But these weren’t any ol’ barrels, these babies began their life in Kentucky, being used to age bourbon from Heaven Hill Distilleries (makers of Larceny, Elijah Craig, Parker’s Heritage, and many more). After the bourbons had finished aging, the barrels were transported to Colorado, where popular craft brewery Oskar Blues aged their famed Ten FIDY Imperial Stout for 8 to 12 months, thus creating the ultra-rare Barrel Aged Ten FIDY. This is where things get really interesting, as Camacho’s tobacco experts then aged/fermented their prized Original Corojo leaves in these same four barrels for 6 months—rotating the leaves throughout for a uniform exposure to the supreme aging qualities of bourbon/beer-soaked charred oak… the tobaccos were then rolled into the beast-of-a-cigar known as Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged!

Now then, there are only 400 more bundles of these babies left in existence (available to the public, for that matter), which will officially go up for sale on September 29, 2017. But, if you’d like to snag a bundle before the final sale, here’s your best bet!

The driving force behind ISBA is age. In fact, we estimate that the barrels used to age the tobaccos have undergone roughly 17 years of aging after everything is all said and done! In that vein, this week’s contest calls for you to “act your age,” or, more realistically, not act your age…


  • Smoke a cigar while watching your favorite cartoons
  • Pair a cigar with your childhood favorite cereal (can’t go wrong with Trix!)
  • Any creative act that begs the response, “Act your age!”
Use #actYourAge with entries

To enter the contest:

  1. Take a cigar-related photo that shows your “inner kid” spirit!
  2. Post on Cigar Dojo app & include hashtag #actYourAge
  3. Share your entry on social media » see how

Grand Prize

One grand prize winner this week will receive a full, unopened bundle of Camacho/Cigar Dojo Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged cigars! These beauties feature the same blend used on Camacho’s popular Triple Maduro cigar, only the Original Corojo Maduro tobaccos in the filler have been aged for 6 months in barrels formerly containing Ten FIDY Imperial Stout.

Cigar Dojo Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged by Camacho photography


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