UPDATE: this week’s contest is now closed

Our winners this week were:

  • BB
  • Ninja G.

This week’s contest is HUGE, featuring some of Drew Estate’s most rare cigars and even custom-painted Dojo/Drew canvases by Drew Estate’s famed Subculture Studios!

This week’s contest is sponsored by Drew Estate, with cigar prizes provided by Cigar Dojo and custom paintings by Subculture Studios

Contest Theme: DOJONATION

DOJONATION grows quickly, and every few months we like to take a moment for roll call. That time is NOW! Post on the Dojo app this week with a photo (selfie, anyone?) and a little something about yourself. It’ll be like your dating profile, but the catfish in this scenario turns out to be a premium cigar…

Funny, heartfelt, interesting, and creative entries are some of our favorites, but whatever you do—just do you.

You do NOT need to be a new Dojo member to enter
Use #thatsMe with entries

To enter the contest:

  1. Take a photo of yourself (involving cigars) and introduce yourself to DOJONATION
  2. Post on Cigar Dojo app & include hashtag #thatsMe
  3. Share your entry on social media » see how

Grand Prizes

There are TWO grand prizes this week. BOTH winners will receive a 3-pack of Drew Estate’s sought-after Liga Privada Único Serie Velvet Rat cigars! These 6¼” x 46 lonsdales feature the same size/shape as the Ratzilla, but showcase a lighter, sweeter, more velvety-smooth blend. This is among the most difficult cigars to obtain in the Único Serie and the cigars are aged from 2015.

In addition, each winner will receive a custom-painted canvas (roughly 12″ x 20″) by Subculture Studios. One design features Kentucky Fire Cured artwork and the other Nica Rustica. Both include the Dojo Sensei logo as well.

Drew Estate Liga Privada Velvet Rat cigar packages Drew Estate Subculture Studios Nica Rustica Cigar Dojo custom painted canvas Drew Estate Subculture Studios Kentucky Fire Cured Cigar Dojo custom painted canvas


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