Colibri Group announces the new Colibri Gotham—the world’s first triple-jet lighter with a V-Cut cigar cutter. In an epic union of two of our most popular innovations, the Gotham seamlessly unifies our high performance triple-jet flame system with our most popular cigar cutter ever—the Colibri V-Cut.

During a development time that spanned almost three years, we painstakingly labored to perfect the engineering and functionality of the Gotham. Using the same exact blade as the original V-Cut, the Gotham produces the identical deep V that thousands of cigar smoker’s all over the world have adopted as their “go to” cut. The high-altitude flame system, functional at 12,000 feet above sea level, consistently produces the powerful light for which our triple-jet lighters are known.

Colibri Gotham

  • Flame: Triple
  • Cutter: V-Cut
  • Finishes: 6 (black, red, blue, polished chrome, polished gold and brushed gunmetal)
  • Price: $175 (MSRP)
  • Release: Mid-August, 2017