Every spring the Cigar Dojo ushers in the onslaught of warm weather with an event called “Cigarbecue”. And as you might imagine this event is all about firing up the barbecue as well as firing up your favorite cigars. With Cigarbecue you can invite friends over to your house to join the fun or just hang out with your Dojo buddies via the Cigar Dojo app. And like all the Cigarbecues that have come before this one there will be GREAT prizes for the folks who most embody the spirit of the event.

WHEN: June 11th 2017
TIME: All-day, all-night
WHERE: Wherever you are, all you need is the Dojo app on your phone.
ESSENTIALS: Cigars, Food, Cold Drink, and more Cigars.

Thousands of cigar fanatics all spending the day smoking, cooking and drinking! Can you think of anything better?

Prizes will be awarded to the folks that post the best, most creative, most funny, most artistic images of their local Cigarbecue (tune in for details).

The Cigarbecue is about friends and fellowship, so make sure to mark your calendars for the most fun event to EVER happen on the Cigar Dojo app.