UPDATE: this contest is now closed

We had an amazing number of quality entries this week, making it extremely difficult to choose 3 winners. But in the end, a decision had to be made – we picked and announced the 3 lucky winners during halftime of Sunday’s (1/15/17) NFL playoff game between Green Bay and Dallas.

We’d like to also take the time to wish Matt Booth all the best in his future ventures with Room101 outside the cigar industry. We’ve always been very fond of his products—adding an edgy, unpredictable, and always tasty influence to the world of premium cigars.

Grand Prize:


Runner-Up Winners:

Daniel R.

While President-elect Donald Trump may be the focus of headlines throughout 2017, the biggest news to kick off 2017, as far as cigar enthusiasts are concerned, was Monday’s announcement that Matt Booth and his fan-favorite Room101 brand would be leaving the cigar industry.

Room101 helped shape today’s modern era of premium cigars, introducing attractive and graphic-focused releases that were quite unorthodox in a dated industry. The brand focused primarily on luxury and limited edition releases, using Camacho’s Agroindustrias Laepe S.A. factory in Honduras to craft intricate shapes and unique smoking experiences—with favorites such as the legendary OSOK, Namakubi Ecuador, and Daruma, or offbeat concepts like Big Delicious, Uncle Lee, and Johnny Tobacconaut.

Many have noted that hobbyists would be wise to start stocking up on Room101 product, as the brand may never return to the world of cigars. And to honor the great work and innovations by Matt Booth over the past eight years, we’re offering up the last of our Room101 stock to the great DOJONATION!

Contest Theme: Meet DOJONATION

It’s the start of a new year! And as per usual, Cigar Dojo is chock-full with new members. So let’s all peel off the obligatory “Hi, my name is:” stickers, uncap those figurative Sharpies, introduce yourself, and learn something about our fellow Dojoians (er, is it Dojonites?).

Entry examples:

  • #hiMyNameIs CigarBoy and I like cigars, though I’m technically a man…
  • I’m Rick and I smoke long cigars whilst taking equally long walks on the beach #hiMyNameIs
  • Hello, I came here for the free cake… #hiMyNameIs

You get the idea—take this corny theme that’s typically only used on children and office employees and make it fun!

Enter whether you’re a new OR old Dojo member!
Use #hiMyNameIs with entries

To enter the contest:

  1. Take a photo that involves cigars and introduce yourself
  2. Post your picture on the Cigar Dojo app
  3. Include hashtag #hiMyNameIs

Grand Prize

One lucky grand prize winner this week will receive a full box of 50 Room101 The Big Payback Connecticut cigars in the 5″ × 50 “Chavala” robusto vitola! This is a perfect “anytime smoke”, though we’ve found it really hits the spot with breakfast and a light/medium roast coffee. The cigar’s diverse blend spans 3 countries, with the Dominican filler encompassing 3 unique regions of the Dominican Republic. In all, this amounts to a fuller-flavored Connecticut than you may be used to: it’s still smooth and creamy, only amped up a few notches.

Click images below for full resolution

Runner-up winners

There will be TWO Runner-up winner this week. Each runner-up winner will receive a bundle of 10 Room101 The Big Payback Connecticut cigars in the 5″ × 50 “Chavala” robusto vitola!

Room101 Big Payback Connecticut 10-pack cigars


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