UPDATE: This contest is now closed

Our winners this week were Smokin Puroz (grand prize winner), Fire Ball, David D, and ChiGars, as chosen by Master Sensei and Héctor J. Alfonso Sr. of Espinosa Cigars, during this week’s episode of Smoke Night Live. Héctor also declared some additional winners, such as emmoacho, winning a T-shirt, and S.D., winning a voicemail from Erik Espinosa…

Espinosa Habano cigar contest winners

2015 has been a huge year for Espinosa Premium Cigars. Following up the success of 2014’s Laranja Reserva, the brand has released a slew of new sizes, blends, and updated packaging. One such update comes to the Habano—Espinosa’s first critically acclaimed blend upon launching the brand in 2012.

SEE ALSO: Espinosa Habano – Cigar Dojo’s #1 Cigar of the Year for 2012!

Espinosa has since updated its entire lineup, showcasing a slick, modern, new look for the Habano, including a tweaked blend that Erik states uses very similar tobaccos, only upgrading the quality, making for a more refined Espinosa Habano cigar.

This week’s contest theme is: Dojo Mashup

This week, we’re switching things up a bit! We’ve done contests for around 3 years now, and the themes generally involve taking a cigar-related photo with a funny/creative theme.

But… this week, we’re giving you the tools, you just need to rearrange them in the right order, so to speak. Below, you’ll find 4 photos relating to Espinosa Cigars and Cigar Dojo. Your task? Rearrange/photoshop/caption these photos in a funny, stylish, cool, or otherwise creative way!

Use 1 or more photos from the selection below. You may also add your own photos, so long as there is at least 1 from below.

Erik Espinosa Héctor J. Alfonso Sr. Eric "Master Sensei" Espinosa Habano cigar

An example of a contest entry may be:

  • Caption one or more of the photos
  • Make your own Espinosa advertisement
  • Make an artistic collage
Use #dojoMashup with entries

Entering the contest is as simple as:

  1. Download/save the photos above
  2. Create a mashup involving 1 or more of the photos (or simply use text, meme style)
  3. Post your photo to the Cigar Dojo app
  4. Include hashtag #dojoMashup

Note: Contest entries should be new, i.e. created for this contest.

 Read the rules below for more information! 

Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook and earn extra credit

Want to help out the Dojo? Post your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as Cigar Dojo of course) and try to include these four elements:





An example might be….

Make your own #dojoMashup this week on @CigarDojo app 4 a chance 2 win @EspinosaCigars - see details here: http://cigardojo.com/?p=23163

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