In the cigar world there are two types of smokers – the carefree smoker that trusts his taste buds and leaves it at that, and the detail-oriented smoker who needs to know every aspect about their smoke. And while we have plenty of room for both smoking styles, today we’re focusing on the latter smoker, aka the “cigar geeks”!


The Dojo Cigar Ratings Calculator

As our gift to all the passionate Dojo members and supporters out there, we’re offering you a fun little tool we’ve concocted, in culmination with fellow Dojo member Capt-Maduro, that makes rating and keeping track of your smoking habits fun and organized!

  • Would you like to see, visually, how your cigars rank compared to the rest of your collection?
  • Would you like to know you’re rating your cigars accurately?
  • See how the cigar’s flavor profile looks graphed out?
  • Keep track of aging information throughout your collection?
  • And more…

cigar ratings calculator tool graphic

All of these features can be calculated using our handy ratings tool, making your technical smoking sessions more fun and accurate!

Yes, there are great notebooks out there to do this very thing, but… notebooks only contain so many pages. Not to mention, books have a hard time calculating mathematical equations. For these reasons, we’ve set out to bring you a new solution to your cigar tasting experimentations!

What is the Dojo Cigar Ratings Calculator?

Simply put, it’s a spreadsheet. Fear not, those without Microsoft Excel on their desktops, you’ll have access to this nifty calculator as well, thanks to our pals over at Google…

Basically, we’ve made sections for every conceivable aspect of cigar tasting (well, pretty darn close), making your future cigar purchasing decisions much easier, and more likely to get the flavors you like! Those that really like to push the hobby to its fullest will find this a great tool for cigar aging as well.

Using the calculating features offered in the magic of spreadsheets, we’ve programmed our Ratings Calculator to offer you realistic cigar ratings, flavor wheel, and strength graphs – taking the guessing out of your scores and making a visual ratings system that makes sense.

Cigar ratings calculator elements graphic

How to use the Dojo Cigar Ratings Calculator

  1. Open the file in your application of choice – we recommend Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. At the bottom of your screen you will find the sheets tabs, starting with an intro page, an example sheet, and 5 blank sheets
  3. Simply fill out a blank sheet using as much (or little) information as you’d like – you will need to fully enter each section of the cigar’s rating, flavor profile, and strength for these sections to display properly
  4. Save the file with the proper title for future use
  5. Always retain at least 1 blank sheet to easily create duplicate blank sheets

Because the sheet was created in Microsoft Excel, it will display best in this format. To use with Google, simply sign in to Google Drive, locate the Ratings Calculator file and right-click to open in Google Sheets – Google will automatically convert the file and create a duplicate, so not to alter your original Excel file.

Some small edits will need to be made, such as sizing the flavor wheel and tweaking the appearance of the strength graph, if you really want to technical… (remember, you’re the detail-oriented smoker!)

How to receive the Cigar Dojo Cigar Ratings Calculator

We’re offering this handy smoking tool to Dojo members only, simply Subscribe to our Newsletter and you’ll receive the Ratings tool as a free gift!

NOTE: This file is a spreadsheet and will need to be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, LibreOffice, or other applications that can handle a spreadsheet file.

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  • Thanks…very cool. We’ll use this for our blog

  • Capt-Maduro

    jordan.. love the video.. great explanation

    • Thanks Capt, just hoping I wasn’t putting people to sleep with boredom, ha!

  • Thank you so much for this i. Love it. I just keep rough notes in a binder. This will surly amp it up for sure.

  • capt-maduro

    Jeff.. I have tried it with Polaris Office on my Samsung Android tablet and dont get any errors

    • Jeff B

      That is what I finally found that works with it! Thanks so much.


  • capt-maduro

    Libre Office is another free app you can use to open the spreadsheet.. works a treat!

    oh, did I already say it’s free???

    • Jeff B

      Thank you, I will give it a go! Apprciate the quick reply.



  • Jeff B

    I have just tried to use this in sheets on my android tablet. I am able to edit the fields in the cells that require a written description but the fields that require a numerical value give a response of an invalid entry. I have not tried this yet on my PC, either in sheets or in excel, and I will, but I would like to ask if you could check this out on a tablet as most people would use this outside while they smoke I would assume.

    thank you in advance,


  • Very, very, VERY well done! What a great calculator you’ve put together here. very user-friendly – and I’ve already decided that I am going to implement to enhance my rating system, which is relatively generic (especially for the novice smoking audience). Keep up the great work brothers! #smokeasy

    Oh, did I already say well done???

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Thanks Smokeasy, really glad to hear you’re enjoying this! With the ridiculous amount of smokes out there, the more organization the better!