UPDATE: This contest is over. Out of the thousands of entries on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram a winner has been selected at random. Congratulations to Jesse Conway for winning the 100 Sticks giveaway!

How would like to win 100 tasty cigars??? At the Cigar Dojo we are giving away 100 cigars to one lucky person.

Cigars include such gems as: The extremely rare Drew Estate Undercrown DOGMA, The SOLD OUT Espinosa Sarsaparilla, also… the Murcielago (the new one), Drew Estate Norteno, D’Crossier, Rocky Patel Prohibition (both versions), Warped La Hacienda, Moya Ruiz Nunchuck & Rake, Viaje, OSOK, Luchador (the new one), MUWAT, Illusione, Joya D Nicaragua, Partagas, Southern Draw, Black Label Trading Company, Epic, LFD Double Ligero, CAO, Arandoza, BG Meyer, and literally dozens and dozens more!


  • Jesse Conway

    Can’t believe I won the contest. This is just awesome!

  • This contest us legend..wait for it.. dairy! Legendary!
    True story

  • Tj

    You had me at Dogma

  • Charlie H.

    Other than the Dojo special sticks are those all IPCPR samples?

    • A few are IPCPR samples but most are just sticks we have accumulated over the years. Gems, yards gars, a little of everything.

  • turtle

    Hope i did that right, i have never tweeted or retweeted before. Its an awesome prize !!!!

  • Bob Langmaid

    simy amazing giveaway!! Cigar Dojo is the freakin’ BOMB!! ???????

  • Mike McCain

    wow, what a giveaway!!

  • Dan in fl

    Done! Hoping I’m a winner!

  • Ben Stewart

    Done Deal Sensai!!! Hope you guys have a rockin weekend!

  • Enoch Bunch

    It would be nice to win just had large part of the family in town good way to restock after they smoked mine up. #botl #sotl #cigarfamily

  • Michael

    done and done! Awesome. Thank you!

    • Tj

      You had me at Dogma