Let the Battle Begin.

Buy Now ButtonDING, DING, DING!! The ultimate cigar throw down battle has begun. The Viaje Throw Down is a 10-count soft pack bundle that features two blends. One blend was picked by the Cigar Dojo staff, while the other was picked by the Cigar Federation Staff (click here to get more info on the cigars).

There are only 500 bundles of these cigars in existence so make sure to order before they are all gone!

YOU decide who wins! Once the cigars start hitting doorsteps you can vote on your favorite blend at ThrowDownCigar.com

  • Jeff Tisot

    I usually don’t smoke Cigars ROTT.
    How long will the voting stay active so we get a fair fight???
    Some Votes may come in quickly, but most BOTL’s I know like to let shipped sticks get some rest first…….Thoughts?

    • That’s a good question Jeff. We really haven’t decided that yet.