Get ready for the most unique cigar game show competition of all time! It’s the first ever Cigar Dojo Humidor Challenge! Contestants must attempt to find, in their own personal humidor, cigars that Master Sensei announces live on the show. If they have the appropriate cigar in their humidor, they move on to the next round. If they fail to produce the cigar, they are eliminated. The last contestant remaining wins a selection of cigars from Master Sensei’s personal stash.

Tonight’s contestants are: Colton Read, Corey Albright, ahugenerd, Chris Flood, LimaLoco, Prairie Dog Killer, Donald Smith, and Willsrw.


  • Contestants must be at their own home, using their own personal stash of cigars
  • Contestants must not receive the help from anyone else in finding the cigar in each challenge
  • Contestants must meet or beat the time deadline for each round
  • Dojo staff will be the ultimate judge as to whether the cigar is a match for each challenge
  • If no contestant in a round can match the challenge, no one will be eliminated and a new round will begin
  • Double elimination begins when there are 4 or less contestants remaining

This episode will air Friday, May 29th at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific time). The show will be 30 to 60 minutes long and you can watch it right here on this page as soon as the video feed above goes live. You can also participate on the Dojo app during the show. To suggest a cigar to be used as a challenge to the show, post your idea on the Dojo during the show with hashtag #HumidorChallenge.

  • Charlie H.

    That East India LE Classic Blend is a $8 cigar HAHAHAH

    • Sumatra Samurai

      No I don’t think so, one of the guys looked up and it was $22, you may be looking at the wrong cigar

      …but then again our guy could’ve messed up in the heat of the moment as well! Regardless, it didn’t effect the outcome and hey, it was our 1st show haha!

  • Charlie H.

    For Round 6 Limited Editions…The cigar Cory showed , Crowned Head Paniolo Hawaii isn’t a limited edition cigar lol its just a regional release but not a limited edition…they are actually regular production. Great show guys…loved it!!

    • Sumatra Samurai

      True, there were also a few others, and that’s live broadcasting baby 🙂


    How are the contestants chosen for this challenge? It’s a pretty cool contest idea BTW.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      For this 1st edition we simply asked on the Dojo app and picked the 1st responders. We should have a more sophisticated method in the future

  • Randy Watts

    That was an awesome contest. I would have won

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