The Nat Sherman cigar shop in New York City has a long and illustrious history, and at the very foundation of that history is the Epoca Cigar, which was their very first release in 1929. The cigar has now been re-released, and while the blend and tobacco are different, the cigar features a retro band and comes in a box featuring the original Epoca artwork. This new version of the cigar is manufactured by Quesada Cigars in the Dominican Republic. The idea behind this release is to pay homage to the history of the Nat Sherman Company, but to also allow modern-day cigar smokers to get a glimpse of the past and taste what a cigar of that era might have been like.

Epoca cigar review and rating

Epoca Cigar Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder/Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican Republic
  • Factory: Manufactura de Tabacos, S.A. (Dominican Republic)
  • Production: Full Release boxes of 20
  • Vitola: 6″ x 50 “Prince” toro
  • Profile: Medium body
  • Price: $9.00

The Epoca’s Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is a gorgeous caramel tan with an aroma of grass and a subtle sweetness. The cut and pre-light draw reveal an amazing draw, with the perfect amount of resistance. After toasting and lighting it’s clear to me that this cigar was made with rich, flavorful tobacco – coating my tongue with notes of roasted nuts, caramel, hay, and even a touch of citrus.

Epoca cigar review and rating

The thing I really dig about the Epoca is that even the slightest draw gives me plenty of satisfying flavor. There are so many cigars on the market today that require a punishing amount of effort just to get the amount of flavor and smoke that you are seeking, therefore this Epoca is a very welcomed contrast.

As I work my way into the Epoca, the retro presentation allows me to envision the original “Clear Havana” Epoca as I daydream about smoking and drinking at Nat Sherman’s speakeasy in the 1920’s. This cigar deserves a well made cocktail to pair with and I might suggest an Old Fashioned or Sazerac. While this cigar features a very approachable $9 price tag, it seems much more luxurious to me and I am completely enjoying the sweet tea and honey notes at the halfway point. The Epoca is creamy smooth and, if you are like me, you will love the salted caramel flavor of the raw tobacco on your tongue.

Epoca cigar review and rating

As you might have guessed, I am thoroughly enjoying this cigar, and what really has me excited is the subtle changes in flavor as I head towards the finish. While there seems to be an overriding note of caramel and nuts, as I near the band I am picking up toasted marshmallow and penuche (penuche is a brown sugar fudge that Italians typically make around Christmas time) – delicious.

The Epoca isn’t a strong cigar but it’s not too mild either. I would place it squarely in the medium bodied category, which makes this a great choice to smoke at anytime of day. If I could come up with a criticism, it might be that the Epoca is a somewhat fast burning cigar and I would recommend getting one of the longer vitolas (of the 6 available).

Epoca cigar review and rating

Would I smoke this cigar again?

With great construction, fantastic presentation, and warm inviting flavors, the Epoca is one of my favorite cigars of the year. Nat Sherman graciously sent me 4 samples of the Epoca for this review but I bought my own supply of these after I tasted one for the first time. The Epoca is now in my regular rotation and I have to force myself to smoke something else just to break things up and offer some variety – yes I like these THAT much! Does that answer the question?…

Epoca cigar review and rating

Nat Sherman Epoca
In a cigar world that seems to be dominated by strong, peppery cigars, it's great to see cigars such at the Epoca, Brotherly Kindness, and Laranja, making in-roads into the boutique cigar hobby.
  • Perfect draw
  • Brilliant, old school flavors
  • Great value
  • Some samples showed construction issues
92%2014 Champ
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)
  • Nat Sherman has yet to disappoint me. I am a mild to medium guy and their cigars just are totally in my wheelhouse. A very underrated company, which I am fine with as it keeps prices more reasonable.

  • Charlie H.

    Damn Guy,
    You really had to get your point in that these don’t taste like the “real” Clear Havanas… They are a tribute cigar, blended by the Nat Sherman Company to pay “tribute” to their old blends..when the cigars they rolled (1920s and 1930s) were made with Cuban tobacco. They never state that they taste like Cuban tobacco lol. They are just taking a spin on an old blend. Nat Sherman still has the original Clear Havanas, they smoke them, then they try and come as close to that blend with what they have….C’mon Guy, we know there is no such thing as “Cuban-esque” unless your smoking the real thing, even at that Cuban cigars are not always the better cigar, thats a fact no matter the palate.

  • Guy Buscema

    Dear sirs,
    WHY Is my last post NOT on the site yet ,? Was It too critical for you all ?

    • Dude, what is your problem? All of your posts are posted…. just scroll down a bit.

      If you are just here to argue, go someplace else.

  • Guy Buscema

    Dear everyone,
    The new EPOCA Is a good cigar but It has NOTHING to do with the old,
    “Clear Havana” cigar that was made with cuban Tobacco , at the time .
    So stop saying that you’ll know what it was like smoking one in the old days,
    It has nothing to do with the old EPOCA cigars.It Is a NEW cigar .

    • Sumatra Samurai

      I think we spelled it out pretty clearly –

      “The idea behind this release is to pay homage to the history of the Nat Sherman Company, but to also allow modern-day cigar smokers to get a glimpse of the past and taste what a cigar of that era might have been like.”

      Notice the last few words, “MIGHT have been like”.

      I don’t see any confusion on this issue…

      • Guy Buscema

        dear Sumatra,
        When you say “WHAT IT MIGHT TASTE LIKE” for me It
        means the same as It tastes similar .In my book and It has NOTHING to do with the tastes.
        Guy Buscema ,

        • Guy, our review merely a paraphrase of what Nat Sherman’s brand representative stated about the cigar….

          “The blend for Epoca is a tribute to the experience of what it was like to smoke premium cigars in the 1920s and ‘30s,” – Michael Herklots.

          • Guy Buscema

            Dear Michael Herklots,
            Thank you for the comment sir.
            Guy Buscema,

  • John

    Nice review. Thank you. I am considering to buy some of those.

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