Get ready to channel your inner-ninja because the Nunchuck is on it’s way. The Nunchuck is a wicked-cool cigar that is not only a revolutionary style but also promises to be a super tasty follow-up to the Prieto and Habano that Moya Ruiz released in 2013. The Nunchuck cigar was inspired by the Dojo community and is being released by Moya Ruiz as a nod to all the cigar Ninjas that inhabit the Cigar Dojo.

Moya Ruiz broke the news of the Nunchuck on Smoke Night LIVE and it’s release date should be late spring 2014. Full details about the cigar’s blend are yet to be released. Once again it’s “game on” and never leave the cigar shop without a Nunchuck to protect yourself.

Nunchuck cigar from Moya Ruiz

  • David

    I wanna find out how I can get my hands a set of Nunchuck… let me know.

  • erhart dodge

    That looks awesome!!

  • Matt W

    Hell yes!

  • maxxrocket

    Can hardly wait!

  • Johnny Banks

    Can not wait!!!