Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. That phrase has nothing to do with this cigar review but it seemed appropriate to say when reviewing the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 from Miami Cigar and Company. While I can’t say as I was lucky enough to smoke the Chapter 1 which was made under the watchful eye of Willy Herrera before he left El Titan De Bronze, I am more than excited to read this new chapter.

Casa Miranda Chapter 2 cigar reviewsThe Casa Miranda Chapter 2 is made at the My Father Cigars factory in Nicaragua and sports a unique Nicaraguan corojo wrapper. The binder is also Nicaraguan and the filler is a blend of Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan longfiller. I will be reviewing the robusto size of this stick which weighs in at a compact 4.5×50.

The Nicaraguan corojo wrapper is distinctly shiny and the pre-light draw is exactly the way I like it with just minimal resistance. When you pull the Casa Miranda out of the cellophane it smells like a damp forrest which is a great aroma for a cigar. After toasting and lighting I don’t seem to be getting tons of billowing smoke but the smoke that I am getting is pleasant. My initial impression is a dry leathery tobacco. Dry, leathery tobacco sounds like it might be an insult but on the contrary, a leathery taste is often used to describe a cigar that tastes similar to how rich subtle leather might smell. And who doesn’t like the smell of expensive leather?

I can’t help but notice how great the construction is on this little cigar as it burns in a perfect straight line and the ash holds on firm, only falling off one time during my entire smoke.

Casa Miranda Chapter 2 cigar review

The flavor remained constant for me as did the dryness of the flavor. When I say dryness, it’s essentially a lack of any sweetness and the feeling your mouth gets when chewing the smoke. While some cigars might have a sweetness, others do not and that’s the dryness I am referring to here. It’s a bit like comparing the sweetness of a bourbon to the dryness of a scotch. This cigar is more on the scotch side.

Casa Miranda Chapter 2 cigar review

As I work my way near the band I begin to pick up a hint of licorice, but it’s not overpowering or unpleasant. The only negative at all with the construction of the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 was it did go out one time right near the final third of the stick. This is a medium strength, medium bodied cigar that isn’t wildly complex but had a very pleasant leathery flavor from start to finish.

Casa Miranda Chapter 2 cigar rating

Would I smoke this cigar again?

I doubt I would buy a box of these because I tend like cigar with a subtle sweetness to them and this didn’t have any of that for me. However, this cigar had excellent construction and certainly didn’t disappoint me.

Casa Miranda Chapter 2
While it's not the most complex smoke, a very attractive price point makes this worthy of a sampling—start with a 5-pack to see if the flavors match your palate.
  • Great draw
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Lacks progression
  • Small smoke output
85%Scotch-like Dryness
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