UPDATE: The entries for this contest have been closed. Our winners for tonight were GoldenStogies and SuperGabe. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered tonight’s flash contest. Stay tuned for more flash contests this week!

Cigar ContestToday, being a typical, boring Tuesday, we at the Dojo have been craving something different, something to spice up a dull afternoon. Digging through the humidor, we came across the Nomad Navigator, perfect! This boutique stogie comes in a classic, 6″ torpedo vitola, but with a modern flare. Complex in flavor, yet not too overpowering, the Navigator is just right for a midday smoke.

Flash contest – Show us your “Mug shot”

Weather or not you’ve ever actually been in the “big house”, we want to see your mug shot today on the Dojo! It’s simple really, post a picture of yourself on the Cigar Dojo app smoking a cigar.

Note: we welcome creativity – artistic camera effects, interesting locations, camera angles, etc.

Post your entries on the Cigar Dojo App and include the hashtag #ENTRYCigar contest mug shot picture

Today only, June 11th, 2013, post your “Mug shot” for a chance to win a 3-pack of Nomad Navigator cigars! Two winners will be selected by the Dojo staff based on creativity and best overall images that fit this contest’s theme.Nomad Navigator cigars

The contest will run from the time of this posting until June 11th at 9PM (MDT). The winners will be announced on the app before midnight.

Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook

Want to help out the Dojo? Post your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as Cigar Dojo of course) and try to include these four elements:





An example might be….

Did u know u can smoke cigars in prison? Post ur mug shot on @CigarDojo app 4 a chance 2 win @GodFadr cigars http://cigardojo.com/?p=8075 #ENTRY


Flash contest on @CigarDojo app today! Win free @GodFadr cigars - find details here: http://cigardojo.com/?p=8075 #ENTRY

Flash contest cigar giveaway
If you have questions about the app or about the contest please comment below.

  • PuppySoulFire

    Awwww I get out of work at 9 and I had a great idea for my mug shot. 🙁 This sucks.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Do it at work!

  • 🙁 Ends before I finish dinner #WestCoastProblems

    • Sumatra Samurai

      This one’s easy Isaac, u can even snap it at work!