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A trip to Maple Grove, MN, will put you in the mood to shop. It’s a city seemingly designed to separate your money from your wallet. From the posh outdoor mall, to the ever-expanding strip malls and big box stores, it’s a shopper’s haven. However, after a long day of racking up your credit card debt, you will need a place to sit down, have a smoke, and relax. Tobacco Grove is just that place.

When you first walk in, you are sure to be greeted with a “Minnesota nice” welcome and a comfortable feeling about the place. From the soft  lighting, to the plush leather chairs in three seating areas, and the clear air (due to the great ventilation system), you feel invited to kick your shoes off and stay a while (However, you should probably keep them on for your fellow patron’s sake). Dark, rich wood accents the walls with hardwood floors beneath your feet and large glass display cabinets fill the space. They are adorned with accessories, pipes and cigar decor fit for even the most discerning aficionado. From Prometheus to Xikar, and even St. DuPont, everyone can find what they need. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with many regulars that will openly shoot the breeze if you feel the social urge. A large TV and card table can be found in the upper lounge area, as well as a large, wooden table for using laptops or playing cribbage in the lower lounge. A bar and smaller lounging area can be found up front, as well as another TV. A complimentary WiFi signal is also available, so you can stay connected to work, or just keep up on the Dojo.Tobacco Grove cigar shop

At the back of the room, there is a decent size humidor or “candy shop” as I would call it. It is filled to the ceiling with everything from Brickhouse and PDR to Fuente and Padron. If you can’t find a good stick to smoke here, you need to step back and re-assess your tastes. The prices are agreeable, if not slightly better than some and you will be sure to find some rare gems in the mix. A smaller cabinet humidor in the front of the house is packed with other rare delights. Just ask what’s hiding in there and you might find a treat!Tobacco Grove cigar shop humidor

The staff is as friendly and knowledgeable as they come and will be happy to point out a cigar (you might not have otherwise considered) based on your taste. They all take great pride in their work and are true Brothers of the Leaf as well. They are honest and willing to make sure you walk away with something you are sure to enjoy. No snobbery here, either. You will be treated the same if you spend $8 or $800. You feel like a valued customer, no matter what you are looking for.

Overall, Tobacco Grove is a great place to relax and take a break from shopping, or even just to swing by and find some of your favorites for the weekend.  They are sure not to disappoint.

Guest reviewed by Andrew Johnson (aka ExNukeSquid)

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  • how did you come up with? that? because after i read your comment i cant help but picture him walking all shaky with a liquor bottle in his hands singing the hook…

  • Big Dog

    I’ve been going to Tobacco Grove for over 10 years ever since it changed ownership. I’ve visited many cigar shops around the country and Tobacco Grove is one the best. The staff are exceptionally well gifted in their knowledge of cigars and I always learn something new when I talk with them about what’s new in their inventory. The lounge is very roomy, comfortable and as was said earlier, the air is not thick with smoke because of their air cleaning system. I moved to the other side of town a few years ago but am always happy to go a longer distance to this shop. I doubt you’ll find a better selection of cigars anywhere in the state. TG is a great place to relax and enjoy your favorite cigar.

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