UPDATE: This years effort was a smashing success! The Cigar Dojo raised over $1400 in orders for Gars for Gunners! 380 sticks and Smoke Inn matched another 380 sticks for a total 760 cigars to be mailed to our troops. The Cigar Dojo would like to thank everyone who helped with this cause, from the guys who actually placed orders to the guys like Jaelipp who organized a raffle to help get folks onboard as well as the guys who put up prizes for the raffle. We would also like to thank Abe, Bryan, and all the guys at Smoke Inn for helping us reach (and surpass our goal).

UPDATE: This just in… Abe Dababneh owner of Smoke Inn says they like our DOJO4TROOPS effort so much that they plan to match every cigar we send to the troops. If the Dojo send a thousand cigars, Smoke Inn will send an additional thousand cigars etc. Thank you Smoke Inn for helping us with this great cause!

Here are the details on what we are trying to accomplish…
Memorial Day is just about a month away and the Dojo would like to send our heartfelt thanks to our troops. After all, if it wasn’t for their bravery and dedication we wouldn’t be able to relax and smoke the cigars that we love. Our freedom and liberty is in their hands and for that we couldn’t be more thankful.

A few months back Dojo member jwalkingphoto came up with the fantastic idea that the Cigar Dojo have a “push” to buy as many cigars as possible and send them overseas to our military around Memorial Day. The Dojo contacted the our friends at SmokeInn.com who already have a “Gars for Gunners” program setup on their website and they agreed to help us make our goal a reality. The beauty of this program is that all we need to do is have Dojo members buy the pre-prepared Gars for Gunners packages (which are specially priced for this effort) and Smoke Inn handles ALL the rest. Smoke Inn will ship all the cigars overseas in our name (the Cigar Dojo). But wait it gets even better, for every dollar we raise towards the goal Smoke Inn will give back .25 to the Dojo for a future prize giveaway (maximum of $250). Therefore it’s a “win, win, win!!”.



This is how it works, go to the Gars for Gunners page on SmokeInn.com, buy the package(s) that you would like to have donated in the name of the Dojo to our troops. Enter the coupon code: DOJO4TROOPS at checkout and that order will be applied to our goal of $1,000! (if we hit this goal we will double it next year!)

When: April 25th through May 27th
Where: Gars for Gunners page on Smoke Inn
Goal: $1,000 worth of cigars to the troops

IMPORTANT: To make a donation that is applied to our goal you must buy a package from the Gars for Gunners section on the SmokeInn.com website and enter the coupon code: DOJO4TROOPS.

Keep in mind you will not have to mail the cigars overseas as Smoke Inn will handle all of that for us! It couldn’t be more simple or go for a better cause!

Come on Dojo Nation lets show our support for our brave men and women battling the forces of evil overseas!

Dojo member tsweet is an avid Dojo user as well as a brave cigar smoking soldier!

  • Hi, my name is Frank Bergandi with Adopt-a-Chaplain. We support our troops through the Chaplain that supports them. On some rare occasions we are asked for cigars. None of us smoke so it is a real guessing game. Last week I was asked for 40 cigars, so I went to a website that shipped to APO-AE’s and ordered some. This chaplain likes to get his soldiers together for a relaxing smoke every once in a while. This is way out of our area of expertise. Would you be willing to fulfill some of this demand? I can have the chaplains work with you directly.

    Frank Bergandi

  • Nick M

    Some other smokers in Afghanistan.




    I am a member of the Tali-banned Cigar Aficionado Clug, and founding member and VP of the Phoenx Tiki-Hut chapter. I am not assigned there any more but wish I could go back. And that is sort of sad knowing it is just down the road. As the Major said in the op-ed, it is our piece of sanity when dealing with the…insane. There is no reasoning it seems when dealing with those that are unreasonable.

    You don’t really need to make donations for those particular clubs. But I know they would smoke if you did.

  • Tim

    Haha. This is awesome. Those are my boots in the first pic and that is me with my foot on the Dojo symbol and some of my guys with me in the bottom one. Good news, I start to head home in a week, so will definitely be sending a package when I finally get back, which just happens to be the week before Memorial Day. By the way, I got a big kick out of seeing my pics on this article. Great idea, by the way. Count me in!

    • Tim, thank you for your service. It’s guys like you who we want to give our appreciation to via this effort.

      • Tom

        Welcome home bro. Glad you made it back ok.