On March 16th thousands of members of the Dojo all over the world bought and smoked cigars made by both Padron and Fuente. The Dojo app was opened over 6,000 times and more than 70,000 pages were viewed. A great time was had by all and many great cigars were consumed.

Padron vs Fuente Smoke Night on the DojoIn this battle, there are no losers!

It’s the Padron vs. Fuente global HERF.

Mark your calendars for… “Smoke Night VI” on the Cigar Dojo app. The members of the Cigar Dojo app will all be smoking a Padron AND a Fuente on Saturday  March 16th at 9PM eastern, (8PM central, 7PM mountain, and 6PM pacific).  The Dojo members will be sharing their thoughts on the Cigar Dojo app.


The Padron vs. Fuente HERF on the Dojo March 16th will be hosted by the world famous Cubanpete and Dojo legend Michael Constantine Jr.

Come prepared with your favorite Padron and your favorite Fuente in a “no-holds barred” battle of deliciousness. On this Smoke Night we pay homage and appreciate two of the greatest cigar makers in the world.

Which is better Padron or Fuente?


And wait there is more! On this night we will be giving away a $250 gift certificate for a custom cigar band ring. These amazing creations in Gold and Silver are the talk of the town. The winner will be announced on the night of the HERF and will be picked by the Dojo Staff. We are looking for the most creative, funny, artistic or otherwise interesting picture posted on the night of the HERF!

Yes it’s the 6th meeting of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” and it should be a great time. Just imagine cigar smokers all over the world smoking the same cigar brand at the same time and sharing their thoughts!


Choose 1 of any Padron and 1 of any Fuente on March 16th and have your CigarDojo app ready to go! To be a member of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” just show up on the night of the event and join the fun, no membership requirements will prevent anyone from joining in on the fun. Subsequent Smoke Nights will feature a different cigar that will be picked by the founders of the club. 🙂

Padron and Arturo Fuente are two of the most recognized cigar manufacturers in the entire world and are responsible for some of the greatest cigars known to man, therefore this Smoke Night is one you will not want to miss!

Which is a better cigar? Padron or Fuente?



  • Mikey

    I’m going with one of each-Hemingway short story and a Serie 1926 #4. Natural wrappers. No losers here at all!

  • Bill B

    Looking forward to this. Have had Padron’s sitting in the humi for several months, and it’s been a LONG time since I lit up a cigar, period. The cold weather is finally breaking around here, and I’m anxious to dust off the torch break open the humi and get some cigars going! 🙂

  • Nick M

    My wife uses an iphone. I will have her use the app. I am excited on only having 15 days to go until I get to light up a cigar. I will give E’s “world’s best mojito a try while I am at it.

  • Tsd906

    SHARK attack!

  • Josh E

    I’ll be there, what to smoke though, I have none from either makers.

  • Sweet, and on my Birthday as well !!!! going to be a blast!!

    • Tres

      Definitely try out a Padron 1926 Anniversay Maduro No. 1 , No. 9 or 1926 Ann. #40 Torpedo Maduro- all three are excellent choices.

      • David

        I like a 64 better than a 26.

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