What is Bulletproof coffee and how do you make it?

– Guest authored by Dojo legend Jaelipp.

There are a lot of members in the Dojo app inquiring about my variation of the recipe from the www.bulletproofexec.com website.

The theory according to the website is that this ORGANIC combination when used as a meal replacement for your breakfast will “supercharge” your body and tell it to burn FAT for energy. The level of sustained energy coupled with an extended suppression of appetite are a great tool that have become a phenomenal addition to the organic and low carb lifestyle I began for 2013.

The official Bulletproof website calls for all the same ingredients but on a much grander scale which I cannot bring myself to drink, therefore I have made my own variation which works great for me. You may find yourself tweaking the recipe to suit your own tastes.

Tools needed:

  • COFFEE MAKER (French press is best in my opinion but a drip maker works great too)
  • BLENDER (I use a magic bullet)

bulletproof coffee ingredients


  • ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS (grind and brew 4 cups or two large mugs)
  • 1 tblsp UNSALTED ORGANIC BUTTER (must state it is from grass fed cows)

Place all the ingredients in your blender and let her rip!

how to make bulletproof coffee
After the mixture has been fully blended pour into your favorite mug and pair with a great cigar. (I have found the T-52 to be the perfect pair with my Bulletfroof Coffee). You should now be able to skip breakfast and possibly even lunch! Enjoy a renewed sense of energy all while your body is burning fat!

what is bulletproof coffee?

Not only is Bulletproof coffee a great way to get energy and lose weight, it also tastes amazing!

  • Eric Weinstein

    This is all placebo effect.

  • SpockWannabe

    I started drinking this about a week ago, and I have to say it is a very good appetite suppressant. I usually make it until 2 or 3pm before I need a snack and then I’m fine until dinner. Tastes great too.

  • Jaelipp

    Bit of a typo. It’s 2 cups water (brewed coffee) when measured. This translates to 4 cups according to my coffee maker. Not sure the science behind coffee maker measurements.
    Sorry for any confusion.

  • I use MCT oil instead of coconut oil in my bulletproof coffee and it tastes MUCH better. MCT is available on Amazon and is 1/3 the cost of the MCT from others. It does not have to be expensive.

    I also favor Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed button over ghee. Ghee makes the coffee taste too much like buttered popcorn to me.

  • I have bulletproof coffee every morning. It is, indeed, breakfast. Been doing it for almost a year, now. Also great with a morning cigar!

  • reidashley

    day 4 of Bulletproof and I can attest that this member of the Chub Club has passed on that Egg Mac and doughnuts every day since with hours to spare before I get the first urge to eat. Tastes great and boosts my energy with no “crash” at 10:30 am. Thx, brother Legend Jae for the recipe.