UPDATE: This poll is closed. Alec Bradley was the clear winner receiving 42% of the vote. Therefore the March 30th Smoke Night will feature Alec Bradley Cigars.


The Smoke Night Global HERF scheduled for Saturday March 30th is all set. The only thing we need now is a cigar to smoke that night. We are going to leave that decision up to the Dojo community. We have pre-selected 4 possible cigar brands to smoke that night. Please vote on the cigar you would like to smoke on the 30th of March. This poll will close March 5th so make sure to get your vote counted today!

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  • Drk204

    Sunday Night Herf’s would be great!!! I work every Fri and Sat.

    • Our first two Smoke Night’s were on Sunday. We decided to move the day around as to make it so everyone has a chance. Some folks couldn’t make Sunday.

      We will have Sunday night Smoke Nights in the future.

  • meatfinger

    I voted five times…. Awesome!