Remember the good old days when vampires were actually scary? They were mysterious, blood thirsty creatures that struck fear into those that ventured into the dark. A contrasting image compared against today’s romantic, teenage models that sparkle in the sunlight… Is there no end to the madness? Are vampires doomed to play out their existence as pawns in a never-ending soap opera-like drama? As with most problems in life, we turn to a cigar for the answer: meet Lil’ Drac, Tatuaje’s miniature-sized version of the myth itself.

Lil’ Drac is one of five unique cigars released earlier this year as part of Tatuaje’s Little Monsters series; a box of cigars featuring miniature versions of their annual “monster series” cigars. Lil’ Drac features the same blend and shape as 2009’s The Drac, with a torpedo head very reminiscent of Mr. Dracula’s fangs. This is a Nicaraguan cigar with a very dark Ecuadorian Habano maduro wrapper. Holding Lil’ Drac, it is immediately evident this is a well-constructed cigar; the seams are subtle and it has a nice, dense weight to it.

Tatuaje Lil' Drac cigar review

Venturing out to smoke in the cold, Colorado air can often prove to be dangerous; with wrapper splits and peels, and even the occasional “exploding cigar”, where the whole thing seems to unravel at once. This was not the case with Lil’ Drac, at around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, Drac cut clean and crisp, showing a medium-firm draw. After a quick light, I found the slightly firmer draw to be a satisfying one, with just enough resistance to give the feeling that I’d earned the smoke, and enough smoke to really appease my taste buds. The initial taste was full of rich chocolate, with hints of nuts and spice that finished as a creamy aftertaste on the tongue.

Tatuaje Little Monsters Lil' Drac cigar rating

About a third of the way into the cigar, I could feel the chocolate flavors increasing, along with the strength. This is a medium bodied cigar throughout, picking up steam as you go, but never verging into full body territory. The burn is steady, not razor sharp, but only requiring two minor touchups throughout. I loved the retrohale on this cigar, which came off as a smooth, spicy compliment to the smoke, without overpowering the cigar’s flavor. Passing the halfway point, Lil’ Drac adds a little anise to the mix, a flavor that was not overpowering and could best be described as root beer! The flavors just kept going, enough to keep me interested much longer than I usually smoke. As the embers went out nearing the end, a lingering spice on the tip of my tongue had me debating weather or not to give old Drac one more chance. I decided to end on a high note, still feeling lucky enough to get a decent burn at all in this frigid, desert climate.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
You’re bloody right, I would! (*cockney english accent) While the chances of me running into another box of these is slim, and the chances of me having a spare $75 is even more rare, I’d jump at the chance to smoke another Lil’ Drac. At around $7.50 a stick, I’d say these Tatuaje’s are fairly priced, considering the quality, overall flavor, and complexity of the cigar. If you’re ever looking for something new and interesting, give this lil’ guy a shot, it’s a great smoke that won’t eat up your whole day.

Tatuaje Lil Drac
The Tatuaje Lil Drac is not only a great little cigar but a great value as well.
  • Affordable
  • Rich Flavors
  • Excellent Construction
  • Snug draw
  • Rare
91%Rare But Good
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  • Tim Vincent

    My favorite little monster.

  • Juan Cancel

    What does uncle boob have to say? I thought it was great!

  • BigEasySmoke

    Since you mentioned root beer, I’m interested in trying one paired with a root beer from a local brewery that still makes true root beer, not carbonated syrup.

    Great review sir.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      What a pairing that would be! You’ll have to let me know how it goes

    • mel lazenby

      Bigeasy, maybe root beer with some Sailor Jerry’s Rum, even.

  • Great review. I was really thinking about getting a few of these to try out, but now i’m convinced it has to happen. I’m interested to experience the “root beer” flavor you described and see if I have the same experience you did.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Thanks for the kind words Ace, you won’t be disappointed. It’s such a good series, if you can get your hands on some, go for it!

    • mel lazenby

      I agree! Oh, and ignore the thumbs down on your reply. That was my fat thumb trying to hit “thumbs up”.