And now for something completely different! One of the pitfalls of having a cigar review blog is that you sample so many different cigars that at times you can become numb to the flavors and the fun of smoking. It’s as if one cigar blends into another cigar and so on. Yet occasionally something comes along that is different, unique, and really grabs your attention. Such is the case with the new Liga Privada Papas Fritas cigar produced by Drew Estate.

Here’s the idea behind these little gems, imagine a factory filled with workers all producing as many Liga Privada cigars that they possibly can and in the process creating mounds of scrap tobacco (delicious, delicious, scrap tobacco). Well don’t let that leftover world class tobacco go to waste! Find a way to let us cigar fanatics enjoy those tasty table scraps and that’s just what the fine folks at Drew Estate have done, created a little cigar from the best table scraps in the business.

The Papas Fritas is a small 4.5 inch cigar with a 44 ring gauge wrapped in gorgeous Connecticut Broadleaf around a Brazilian Mata Fina binder holding together the luscious Liga short filler. The Papas Fritas comes in really cool tins containing 4 cigars each that are all adorned with a very short pig tail. Some folks might think that $24 for a tin of 4 short filler cigars is expensive but the truth is these are some of the best little cigars you will ever smoke so personally I find the price reasonable.

Papas Fritas cigar review and rating

Upon cutting and toasting you will be happy with the draw and right off the bat you might exclaim “WOW! This is good!” A wave of flavor will rush through your mouth in a cloud of thick “chewy” smoke  so much so that you might have to keep reminding yourself that this is a small short filler cigar. The flavors are strong and pronounced and they might have you thinking of cocoa and toasted marshmallows. The strong campfire flavors are also paired with a nice warm spice which is very much like you might experience with other Liga cigars. As we reach the end of the Papas Fritas a very rich leathery and aged tobacco flavor with a finish of molasses rounded out a super tasty smoke.

Papas Fritas cigar review

Nothing about this cigar let me down. The burn was perfect, the ash was white, and the flavors stayed delicious until the very end. I found the Papas Fritas to be full bodied and for me the strength was on the high side making for a completely satisfying 45 minute smoke. The deep rich flavors of the Liga Privada Papas Fritas places this new cigar firmly in the best releases of 2012.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes I would smoke the Papas Fritas cigar again! This is the PERFECT short smoke and it blows away any other small cigar I have ever smoked. If you are looking for a short smoke to “fill in the gaps” grab yourself a tin of these gems from Drew Estate.

Liga Privada Papas Fritas
Big cigar flavor in a little package. The only downside at all is they tend to get a bit harsh near the finish.
  • Huge flavor
  • Perfect for a time crunch smoke
  • Tons of smoke
  • High price
  • Minor harshness at finish
89%Great Small Cigar
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  • Scott-Tampa

    WOW, what an amazing stick. I rarely smoke two in one sitting, but I smoked the entire tin!


  • we are soo proud to carry the lega privada line in our humidor at dan’s cigar lounge on 8300 pulaski hwy rosedale, md 21237 if you like to enjoy one of the best cigars…

  • First let me say thank you to the Cigar Dojo Squad for all the fine work, as it relates to DE and all the other brands.

    My close friend, Juan Cancel hit me up just now and said, “JD whatever you are doing right now take a moment and hit up the Dojo.”

    Let me say that I’ve been here before and enjoy the site. Keep it going and don’t let anybody stress you out. A few peeps will come around and say things that may seem rude or that dont fit within the Zone of the Dojo. Don’t worry. Peace to them.

    But Dojo Master got skillz and Hommies like Juan and others who rep the cigar community straight up and down like 6 – O – Clock. Wurd to Liverworsht.

    We all in this to share some goo times while we still have the strength and good fortune to share with each other. During this holiday time call your moms, hit up your friends that done did something to you that hurt your feelings cause son is probably missing you and sorry that he did it. Stop by some old age home and make someone’s day who ain’t got nobody or anything in the world except CNN and some price is right shit. Here what I’m sayin.

    Too much love is needed and ain’t enough to go around. I wanna say peace to everyone on Dojo who been making an effort to build the cigar community so beautiful and true.

    Bless to each of you at holiday time and for the 13 Decca.

    Much love and respect.
    JDrew aka Fat Chops

    • Juan Cancel

      Hey JD, that was a great post! Your are a class act bro! Thanks for the shout out! This is a great app and it’s available for the android and iPhone systems. It is a great forum for great people to talk about great cigars! It’s nice to see guys in the industry on here talking to the consumers! I want to invite more industry people to join in on the discussions! JD thank you for being a great guy and for putting out such a great product! And thanks for the shout out Fat Chops! Happy New Years son to you and your family! Happy New Years to everyone on the Dojo App!

    • Jonathan, thanks for the nice comments that means a lot to us. If you get a chance, try installing the Dojo app on your phone that’s where all the MAIN action goes down. You can find it in the iTunes or Google Play store or get download links here…

      Maybe you can join us on the app January 20th when we have a world-wide Global HERF celebrating the Liga Privada line.

      Keep up the great work creating wonderful and interesting cigars for us fanatics to smoke! 🙂

      • Master.

        I have been trying to log onto the the CigarDojo from my computer and having a difficult time. I had no problem Joining on the Mobile App.

        Please email me as I love the site and app – and have some questions.

        Very best,

  • maxxrocket

    I for one am glad that the reviews are easy to understand. I majored in 3 different sciences and am an amateur rocket scientist (hence the user name). It’s not that we are dumb nor is it because we don’t understand large words. We simply do not like being talked down to. If one is too high-browed for this group, then surely you need not to stick around to try to elevate us. I have not tried the Fritas, but i’m sure this review is as accurate as all of their reviews have been. Thanks, Dojo, for not frightening me off with “better than you” lingo and attitude. Keep up the good work.

  • richielanz

    Sensei love the review don’t Change anything!! Short & to the point!! Hey Uncle Douche me and the Dojo fam got 2 words for ya…….SUCK IT!!!!!!!
    P.S. I don’t give a S@!$ about my grammar!

  • Mike

    just got news that @camachocigars DITKA has shipped to the shop! Very LIMITED production! Will definitely be here for the playoffs!

  • mel lazenby

    I’ve wondered about these. Now I have to get some. Anything w/LigaPrivada tobacco, has to be good. Nice review, Master!

  • Joaquinb

    Sensei I truly would not change a thing about your website. Clearly some people are bored and just like pushing people’s buttons, while undermining what they enjoy to do. One thing is for sure, he deserves that right to express his thoughts but we can easily take in the “useful” information he gave us, and brush off the nonsense.

    I for one had no intention in trying out the papas fritas, until I read this review. The review itself had enough information for me to understand how it tastes, the strength, and the cost of the cigars.

    One of your reviews even introduced me to a new cigar that is now one of my favorites. The my father #1. I can easily go into what I liked about the cigar and your review but this isn’t the time.

    All I am saying is I really enjoy your website, app, and the community you brought together to enjoy what we all have in common.

    • Thank you Joaquinb. We sure do love your participation on the Cigar Dojo app!

  • StogieGregg

    If I was going to be that critical of grammar, I would have made sure that my own grammar was on point.

    ” You strung TOGETHER some complete thoughts TOGETHER that..”

    But “Alas”, this is an internet blog, and the rest of us could not care less about grammar.

    I for one enjoy the format here, of short reviews done with some flare.

  • Cibolodave

    Awesome review sensei. Am totally going to buy some

  • A really nicely written and helpful review. I love the fact that Drew Estate made such excellent use of their scraps and such a great cigar came out of it. This is another reason i’ve been coming around on DE products and have been doing my best to support them. I hope we can see more of this type of product frequently from them.

    Thanks for the hard work Sensei! I’ll surely be picking up a tin of these as soon as I find them thanks to this review.

  • Christopher Miles

    Seriously, Uncle Butt-plug is on here ripping apart grammar. Dude, go somewhere else with that douche baggery. No one wants to hear that trash on here. Take that mess to Cigar Aficionado’s Blog. Come back when you learn some etiquette. Seems like some narcissistic, elitist, asshole who tries to make up for his short comings by pushing buttons. As much as I enjoy your internet nuts. I rather not waste any more of my time reading your swill.

  • John Latone

    Hey there unclebub, we are all kinda wondering which cigar blog/website/app you run? I just figure its gotta be pretty awesome for you to have an opinion on the reviews this site has to offer. Can’t wait to hear which one it is…. Nice review sensei!

  • Juan Cancel

    On the Liga Privada Papas Fritas, another stellar release by the boys at Drew Estate. I bought a box just on Drew Estate prior performance of the Liga Privada line.
    Firsts the box is simple yet beautiful. I understand the presentation in the shop but I collect boxes and would have liked a hinge on the box. A full box comes with 7 tons of 4 cigars, for a total of 28 cigars! The tin is visual appealing. Simple and a good synopsis about the cigars themselves. The cigar itself is a 4.5 x a 44 ring. It has a twisted head. Kind of like a straight pig tail. The cigar had a few flaws on the wrapper. I also know that the cigars are made of the “chaveta cuts” aka short filler. I know it is hard to do a small cigar but overall it is beautiful! I give it a 8.5 out of 10.
    The prelite aroma is very pleasant. It has deep sweet earthy smell with a ever so slight spice. The smoke is very rich, thick, and dense. A common trait with Liga Privadas. The draw was perfect and effortless. Smoke drew from the cigar with little effort. I give the draw a 9.5 out of 10.
    The flavor on this little stick was mind blowing! It is a full flavored and full bodied cigar. I tasted mild sweetness, a slightly chocolatey and earthy notes! The smoke out of the nose was strong. A ever so slight spice all came together for a most memorable smoke! I give it a 9.8 out of 10 on flavor.
    The burn was beautiful. I had a pure white ash through and through! I know this is short filler so I expected the ash to constantly fall off. It surprisingly hold on tight for at least 1/2 of the cigar. Very impressive and a testament to the quality and artistry of this cigar. I give the burn 9.5 out of 10.
    At about $5 a stick it is moderately price for the size. I give it a 8.5 out of 10 on value. For the quality of the product it is a good deal.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar from opening the box to burning my figure due to me not wanting to getting rid of the cigar. This cigar is amazing! If it were bigger it would be up there with the T52s and the #9s. Considering it made from the cuts of both you could call it a T952…lol this is an amazing cigar for this size and by any standard by that matter! I truly enjoyed this cigar. I give this cigar a 9.8 out of 10 on the enjoyment factor!
    I am going to give it an overall of a 9.5 out of 10. I would call this cigar a must buy! It was one of my most favorite cigars I have ever smoked. I would recommend it to anyone. Enjoy!

  • Juan Cancel

    Liga Privada Papa Frita. Small, well constructed, twisted end. Visually appealing. Dense rich smoke, earthy aroma. Full body, full flavor

  • UncleBub

    Assuming that this was the first review you have written, not bad at all. Aside from the run on sentences and spelling errors (read: campire), you strung together some complete thoughts together that mildly resembled opinion. Alas, your descriptors (read: full bodied [to the extreme]) were weak in substance, and mimicked adjectives comparable to a 3rd graders grammar homework (read: thick chewy smoke).

    Here are some facts:

    Yes, this is in fact a short filler cigar. But unless someone told you that, or you squeezed the cigar too hard, (like a 6 year old squeezes a puppy out of excitement) you would have been none the wiser. So when you say “you have to keep reminding yourself that this is a small short filler cigar” you have no idea what you are talking about.

    One of the best review points in this review was the description of the tin.


    Tell readers about the origin of the cigar.

    What are the ‘scraps’ that you speak of? Hint: T52 and No. 9.

    Organize your review better. You run this damned site; set a standard.

    Why do you rate on appearance?

    Here is to hoping that in 2013 the founder of Cigar Dojo can string together legitimate thoughts and opinion so one day you can jump into the sea of hundreds of subpar reviewers.

    Hoping April came early,


    • ExNukeSquid

      Before complaining of the dog shit in your neighbor’s yard, you might want to check on yours first. From your epic post of pure duchebaggery, ” …you strung together some complete thoughts together…”. Oh, really? He did, did he? Just read that part once, no twice, and slap yourself each time you do. Make sure it was a good hard slap. Now let’s move on to this little gem, “..short filler cigar. But unless…”. It hurts my eyes to read such poor use of punctuation.

      Also, your feeble attempt to undermine this review with your ill-humored and sophomoric rant falls on deaf ears here. It would be akin to walking into an Irish pub and criticizing the Pope. None of us give a monkey’s left nut about what you think of Sensei’s sentence structure in his reviews and his points are well understood by those who frequent the site and have read previous reviews by him. They layman’s terms used help keep the review grounded and, unlike your presence, less snobbish. One can relate to Sensei on an informal level. You, however, not so much. You come off like a high society “wanna-be” with no clue on what true herfing and cigar culture is about. Just a clue, it’s not the coffee or grammar…


      Remove your cranium from your colon and open your eyes. Your input is not welcome here. Go troll elsewhere, but first, learn how to troll properly.

    • Uncle I understand your points. But what you might not realize is that the Cigar Dojo isn’t your typical cigar blog. We have made a effort to not create three page reviews that many folks don’t even read. Our reviews are exactly as billed in the sub-header of our website “short & easy to read cigar reviews”.

      Our strategy from the beginning has been simple… just tell the readers if the cigar is worth smoking and what are some of the things that identify it. That’s it!

      Maybe it’s shallow of me but when I go to other review sites I don’t have time to read an essay length report on a cigar, therefore I typically jump to the “conclusion”. And that’s why I made this site for quicker “to the point” reviews.

      You might be the type of guy who enjoys the more in-depth reviews that other sites create and that’s great! To each their own.

      Oh and thanks for the heads up on the spelling error. I fixed it.

      Merry Christmas.

  • stogiedude

    Nice review, Sensei! I’ll have to go online and order some.

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