If you are looking for a inexpensive “go to” cigar that doesn’t compromise on quality or smoking satisfaction, we have found the cigar for you! The La Zona Habano, made by Epinosa Cigars in their new La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua is a workhorse of a stick that will blow you away, especially for the price. Espinosa Cigars, known for their popular 601 La Bomba, and their recently released Espinosa Habano, have done it again with the La Zona Habano, which is an all Nicaraguan tobacco blend and sells for less than $5 per stick. Another option is to pick up an 80ct coffin of these bad boys, which brings the price down to just pennies over $4.

La Zona Habano cigar review

The La Zona Habano is not a fancy looking cigar by any stretch of the imagination. The label is a simple tan and black “no frills” design that hints to the purpose of this cigar, which is an everyday “go to” option. I’m always looking for inexpensive cigars that outperform their higher priced counter-parts and the La Zona Habano fits clearly in that description. The cut and pre-light draw reveals the perfect resistance and a quick toast of the foot puts you head-long into a cloud of voluminous thick smoke that you might not expect from a sub 5 dollar stick. There is a nice subtle spice to the La Zona that reminds me a bit of a dark spiced rum. The La Zona is also generating an earthy, woodsy flavor that reminds me of camping in the mountains. The La Zona is a medium bodied and medium strength offering, which again lends itself well to being an everyday type of cigar.

La Zona Habano cigar rating

This isn’t a complex flavored cigar, but I wasn’t really expecting that from a daily driver; instead, the La Zona holds true from start to finish with “stick to your ribs” flavor satisfaction that would be perfect for having on hand when you want a good, inexpensive smoke. I like to think of it like this… if a expensive, complex cigar is like a fancy French entree, the La Zona is more like a 16oz strip steak with mashed potatoes. It’s just a satisfying smoke with no bells and whistles.

The construction on the La Zona was marvelous, the burn was straight and needed no attention from me at all. I was enjoying my La Zona with some buddies who were smoking expensive cigars and I could tell there was a little jealously aimed at my cigar, that was outperforming theirs at a third of the price. I took my La Zona down to the very nub and even shed a small tear when I had to lay her down to rest.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
You’re darn right I would smoke the La Zona again. It’s cheap, satisfying, and has near perfect construction. How can you go wrong? The La Zona would be a great cigar to have on hand for a good “go to” stick or to give to friends when the want to give cigar smoking a try.

La Zona Habano cigar review and rating

La Zona Habano
It's tough to find a good sub 5 dollar premium cigar but in walks the La Zona Habano which will give you everything you want for next to nothing.
  • Great price
  • Satisfying smoke
  • Warm flavor
  • Not complex
  • Plain appearance
88%Amazing Value
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  • Since being introduced to CigarDojo by Juan Cancel from NY/NJ, I found out about the app for IPhone and Android.

    I like it.

    I noticed the article on Eric Espinosa’s La Zona and got so damn excited that I forgot to read the article – so I’m not even at the point of responding to it. Instead, I’m making my own Fat Chop declaration about my Li’l Brother, Eric.

    I’m so happy that Cigar Dojo has noticed him and recognized his first release because the kid is one of the truest and most solid guys in the industry. It was sad to see him and Eddie Ortega split up cause Eddie is also like a brother to me and he is already kicking ass with the Ortega brand.

    It is truly exciting to see what Espinosa is doing in Nica at his factory, La Zona. He is making a difference and making affordable sticks that don’t taste like stolen porn paper wrapped in hefty paper towels. We have helped him with some of his tobacco needs and will continue to help him when he needs it.

    Every time I head to his factory, the place is jammed up with production and tobacco is flying through the air and the mood is positive and caring. Son ran back to the factory at Xmas time just to have a party for the staff and made sure that everyone knew how important they were to Eric.

    I salute Eric Espinosa, my friend. A dude who lent Drew Estate his monthly rep commissions many a month when he was our rep for Florida. I’m proud of him for taking the direction at his Nicaraguan factory of making quality, fair priced sticks for the people. It’s very hard to do this as any company grows, so enjoy it while you can – and you can find his son, Little Eric on twitter if you wanna tell him anything.

    God bless all you and please always smoke in moderation.