La Riqueza No. 4

Dear La Riqueza cigar, where have you been my whole life? I don’t think I can contain my excitement, the La Riqueza No. 4 is a really good (and I mean REALLY, REALLY) good cigar. The La Riqueza is a Pete Johnson creation rolled at the Pepin factory and I hate to get too excited and sound like I’m going overboard, but this cigar is amazing! I’ve had two of these now, so I can honestly say this is one of my favorite cigars and it’s most certainly under most cigar smokers radar.

La Riqueza Cigar Review

The La Riqueza is a Nicaraguan bound and filled cigar, but has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. There is absolutely nothing special about the look and feel of this cigar, it’s a small 5×48 maduro cigar that has just an ever-so-slight box pressed shape to it. The label is an old-school red and gold embossed, a very basic design.

It’s not until you cut and light the La Riqueza that you start to appreciate this little gem. This cigar fits perfectly in your mouth (because of the gentle box press) and the taste of the tobacco on your tongue is meaty, savory, and delicious. The draw is just what you would want and after toasting and lighting, you are greeted with a surprisingly complex blend of spices and aged tobacco flavors. The finish is long and satisfying and the flavors coat your tongue like a buttery blend of palette-pleasing goodness. The best I can describe this cigar is warm, satisfying, and juicy.

The instant you taste this cigar you will exclaim… “WOW! This thing is freakin’ good!”

The burn and smoke output on the La Riqueza is more than adequate. By the time you are done smoking this cigar you will be ready for another one! The burn time of this La Riqueza No. 4 isn’t especially long, maybe 45 minutes at most, which is fine because I’m always looking for quality cigars I can enjoy in a shorter time frame. I guess my only complaint would be that the La Riqueza isn’t exactly cheap, coming in at around $9 per stick is a tad high. Don’t get me wrong, these are worth every penny, it’s just that if I can’t find them on sale, I probably would opt for a longer burning offering.

La Riqueza Cigar Rating

Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes I would smoke the La Riqueza again, in fact as I type this I am searching online for the best deal on these juicy little gems. If you can find the La Riqueza on sale, scoop them up, you will thank me later.

La Riqueza No. 4
The La Riqueza No. 4 could have easily had a 90+ rating if not for the high price for such a short burning cigar.
  • Deep rich flavor
  • Complex satisfying smoke
  • High Price
  • Short burn time
88%Only One Flaw
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  • Bert

    I love La Riqueza No. 4s, the box-pressed even better than the Cabinet selection. I smoke it almost exclusively. My problem is that it seems they are not being made any more. What cigar would you recommend to replace it? Thank you for your help.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Rumor is that Pete is redoing the La Riqueza brand. But if you like this cigar you may also like the 601 Blue Label.

      • Bert

        Great. Thank you for the quick reply and feedback. I will try the 601’s. I had heard rumor as well. I am praying that they do not discontinue the La Riqueza brand!

  • Adam

    Where do you get discounted cigars from?

  • I totally agree – absolutely terrific cigar! Easily one of my favorite Tatuaje offerings.

  • Josh

    One of my favorites! Most underated Tat IMO. I prefer the #1 Lonsdale. Look for them on sale. That said you can get Tat black label for around the same price.

  • meatfinger

    Oh boy! My next purchase when at my local cigar lounge!

  • Mike

    I’ve smoked a few of these and thought they were just ‘okay’. I experienced some tunneling on 2 of 3 that I have smokes. Flavor is better than construction.

    • Both of mine had stellar construction. The only down side at all was they are a semi-short smoke for the price.

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