QUICK TIP: Here’s a great way to light your cedar-wrapped cigar for an EVEN start and with a nice cedar taste. Remove the tape from cedar. Extend cedar to almost the end. Light cedar and start puffing. Keep lighting until the burning cedar meets the foot of your cigar. There ya go! Your stogie is lit and it will also have that nice cedar flavor!

Cigar smoking tip on how to light a cigar

Lighting your cedar wrapped cigar in this fashion will impress all the girls as well as your cigar smoking buddies.

Cigar Smoking Quick Tips

This QuickTip was submitted by our good friend and CigarDojo app user stogiedude. Thanks stogiedude!

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  • BIG ED

    Uh, if you remove the tape from the cedar, what is going to hold it in place around the cigar. Everything else makes sense but that one part.

    • Many times the cedar sleeve stays in place and keeps it’s shape without the tape. If it doesn’t you can hold it on with your fingers as you light the other end.

  • KeikanJim

    Gave it shot and it worked Like a charm! Amazed.

  • MartinM0308

    This is a joke, right?

    • Personally I’ve never tried it but some guys seem to think it’s fun.

      This tip was sent to us by “Stogie Dude”.

  • stogiedude

    An update: Be sure you are rotating the cigar as you light. You want your burn to be as even as possible. You don’t have to worry about “toasting” the cigar. The cedar does that for you. ENJOY!

  • I’ve never seen that done; I love the idea. I’m gonna do that with my next wrapped.

  • pato

    Cool, will most defiantly try on my next Arturo Fuentes!

  • Deford

    Gonna have light my next Azteca that way.