It was a frigid morning in Colorado and the odds seemed to be stacked against the Dojo crew. We normally rely on the warmth of our outdoor heater during our winter smokes, but the propane tank had run dry. So we tried a second one. The fuel started giving us trouble. We decided to press on. Frozen fingers of brothers worked furiously to fix the problem as I began to toast what would become the only warmth I needed that morning.

The 601 La Bomba Napalm.

A warm smoke indeed! The air in my lungs had just begun to freeze when I took my first draw of the La Bomba. Instant relief! The spices of Christmas filled my palate, so many flavors in this cigar: hazelnut, pepper and cinnamon, intertwined with an earthy fullness, for a smooth, creamy texture. The draw was tight, but I attribute this to the cold air because all our smokes proved tight that morning. Even ones we know to have the perfect draw.

601 La Bomba cigar review

The burn was spot on and the smoke was a soft, chalk-white. I smoked well into this cigar, down to the nub.

While the rest of the brave samurai’s of the Dojo froze their collective phalanges to the bone, the LaBomba’s Napalm kept me warm from the first draw to the point when I felt the heat touching the tips of my fingers, telling me the ride was regrettably over. I set the nub in the ashtray and watched as it transformed to ash.

601 La Bomba cigar review

Eventually, we managed to get the heater working and the rest of the warriors finished their smokes before frostbite overtook them. As for me, no heater needed.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Absolutely, even on a warm summer day!

601 La Bomba Napalm
Lots of power and great flavors but a tight draw hurts the overall rating.
  • Lots of strength
  • Great burn
  • Tight draw
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  • Armando Monge

    I apologize for the tone in my original post. If I was going to make a comment about the coffee it should have been along the lines of, “hey I see you’re drinking starbucks with that cigar, since the cigars you review are from small boutique cigar companies next time you might think about sipping coffee from a local roaster which may compliment the cigar better”. My dislike for starbucks really shouldn’t have come into play when commenting on a cigar review. I am as passionate about coffee as I am cigars and can sometimes take it too serious. I have payed attention to this site as I do other cigar sites but had never posted, wasn’t the best introduction. I’m around a lot of cigar events in the Colorado area and might be sitting across from some of you one day enjoying a cigar so hopefully no hard feelings. I definitely meant no disrespect. Take care

    • Jaelipp

      Redemption. Welcome to the dojo brother. It’s a good place with good people. No Abercrombie n Finch shirts or pinkies out. Working class, smoke puffing, citizens with a common bond.

    • Thanks Armando that was a nice post. All is good! As Jaelipp stated we are not the typical cigar review site. Our perspective comes from the “everyday” kind of guy who likes to smoke cigars, play poker, and drink beer (or bourbon). 🙂

      Our reviews are intended to be quick and to the point, you wont get any big fancy words from us. Just short reviews that get right to the point.

      The best CigarDojo action happens on our Cigar app. You should download it and join the fun. You can get more info on our app here… the app is free and our cigar community is growing like crazy!

      I think you might be surprised how welcoming our cigar community will be to you (even though you might get teased a little, but then again, we all get teased a little).


  • John Latone (jlat2450)

    Seriously I freaking love the dojo, its not just a blog its a brotherhood! I cant beleive this dude had an opinion about a starbucks coffee cup. Starbucks is as good as any boutique/craft coffee (my family owned a coffee shop before the starbucks craze, I know my f*cking coffee). I say punch him in the dick Jaelipp! This dude tries to come in sensie’s house and throws around insults and tries to talk down to established members. Seriously bro wrong address. Oh and thats my real name, trust me no one is hiding behind a computer here. On a slightly different note, I did buy a box of these! Can’t wait, happy smoking!

  • Jaelipp

    Unreal. I’ll punch a dude in the dick for insulting the dojo……….. Too much? Maybe I shouldn’t have went all in so quickly? Oh well.

    • Armando Monge

      Kind of bothers me you’re thinking about my dick, especially since I’m using my real name. But hopefully it’s just in jest. And my intentions were not to insult, just to share my opinion on a blog which is what I thought the idea of a blog/review site was in the first place? To give opinions, and hopefully have people paying attention to give feedback. These crazy interwebs!

      • Jaelipp

        Listen guy. You came onto a stogie review forum, bent your wrist at a 90 degree angle and ignored the review as a whole but instead utilized crude insults as to what logo was on a coffee cup in the background of a photo. You brought zero value to this review through your comment and deserve the kind words directed toward you within this thread. If you plan on taking the time to leave a comment either positive or constructive criticism. I suggest you stick to the topic instead of resorting to childish complaints about a coffee cup. As for me thinking about your dick? The thought was but a general target area for where I would like to place my tightly clinched fist with medium to full brutal force behind it. Did I mean it? No… I’m a funny dude. People laughed, I laughed, it was a good time. Doesn’t erase the fact that your initial feedback was child like and lacked any bit of value. Good day sir. Keep it smokey

        • Armando Monge

          As I stated below, I realize the review was about a cigar but in my eyes smoking a cigar is also the experience which in this case also included a beverage. I have had 99% of the cigars reviewed on this site and have my opinions of them, for all the flack I received for my coffee opinions on a cigar site thankfully I didn’t comment on differing opinions of cigars.

        • gitser88

          Made me laugh brother. I wonder what this guy would think of “pass the cock” lol! Dojo united!!

  • stogiedude

    Really??? Please. Who gives a shit that he’s drinking Starbucks??!! I’ve heard of cigar snobbery, but COFFEE snobbery? A first.

    • Armando Monge

      When talking “premium” “boutique” products, I think expecting the same caliber of product is acceptable. And if you have never heard of coffee “snobbery”, which would be along the lines of Scotch “snobbery”, wine “snobbery” etc. then you might need to branch out and experience some of the finer things in life to compliment those stogies-dude!

      • Hey Armando we are a bunch of “Joe 6-Packs” do you have a problem with that?

        • Armando Monge

          I actually don’t, to each their own. But we aren’t talking dollars here or value. If coffee could have been purchased from a local shop whether it was a cup of black or a cappuccino chances are it would have been “craft”, “small batch”, whatever you want to call it, bean as opposed to mass produced beans. We enjoy these premium cigars which are made by families and small companies. Like I’ve said just my $.02.

          • Well at least you put an accurate value on your comment.

      • stogiedude

        Armando, You sound like a “man” of such style and class, that you would say “excuse me” when you farted in private! Oh, I know, farting is the Swisher Sweets of no style. Pull your head from your pompous ass!!

        • Armando Monge

          I don’t really know how to respond to the fart comment, pretty stupid so assuming you’re just young and immature. As far as insulting me, I respectfully commented to your comment and never once insulted you, not sure why you felt the need to. And in all seriousness only one of us is using our real name and its pretty easy to act tough behind a computer. I am the least confrontational person ever but I’m also not a push over. We have a common interest in cigars, lets leave it at that. Take care.

      • stogiedude

        Armando, It seems you have issues. I think you hide behind the “snobbery” label to compensate for other short-givings. I challenge you: Instead of hiding behind keyboard and monitor, enter the Dojo and get to know us.

        • Armando Monge

          You love to dole out insults. Typically the insulter is the person with issues putting down others to make themselves feel better. What you see as “snobbery”, I see as appreciation for these craft arts. This $6-$10 cigar isn’t exactly a joe camel. What do you mean enter the dojo? Isn’t this the dojo, an online forum? I’m not trying to say “it should be this way”, to each their own. I’m just trying to get people think about it. And at the end of the day if star*ucks is the choice so be it. I’m not hiding behind a computer and once again am using my real name. I am in the same cigar store in Colorado pretty much every day of the year so very public. And not sure being insulted makes me want to get to know you.

          • Armando, we love differing opinons but your post was a flat out insult. Who freaking cares what kind of coffee we drink?

            Apparently you have some sort of axe to grind and frankly I don’t care where you end up grinding it.

            If you want to discuss cigars with us, great! But if you are here to insinuate that drinking certain brands of coffee make you a lesser cigar smoker then maybe you arrived at the wrong address.

    • Go get ’em StogieDude!

      • Armando Monge

        I’m replying to you here about the “appropriate value comment” because I can’t up there. For the moderator of this blog it seems funny to me that instead of welcoming people with different opinions to follow and have interest in your site you insult their differing opinions. I regret sharing my opinion on this site. I’ll respond respectfully to any other comments directed my way and butt out after that. Take care.

      • Armando Monge

        Replying to above; the only insult I gave was to star*ucks, which a cigar review site which will never be a blip on the company’s radar should care less about. A simple F” off! I love star*ucks!” would have been 10x more understandable than aggression towards for me for suggesting a premium “craft” roasted coffee to go with a premium boutique cigar. I definitely have no axe to grind with anyone here, and considering its a forum I’ll respectfully comment back as long as I’m allowed to by moderators. Like I stated before you say “If I want to discuss cigars , great” this is a cigar sight, I commented negatively on a certain brand of coffee accompanying the cigar and that was taken as an extreme insult to the site and all of the the moderators. I can’t imagine if I would have disagreed about the rating of this cigar. Not once did I ever imply that a certain coffee made you “less of a cigar smoker” so I have no idea where that came from. In fact I have said to each their own. But yes I can see I arrived at the wrong address, and as stated before I will butt out.

        • Armando you didn’t just comment negatively about Starbucks. You clearly stated that we were “lame” for drinking Starbucks with a premium cigar.

          Your opening statement….

          “Pretty lame to see a star*ucks cup in the background of your premium cigar review pictures.”

          I think we have beat this horse to death so I’m ready to move on. I’m willing to give you another shot at all of this if you would be willing to at least acknowledge that was a rude way to make an intrance on a website.

          Oh and by the way… the fellas at the Cigar Dojo and Anthony and Erik Espinosa (the guys who make La Bomba cigars) have a long working relationship and I can guarantee you they don’t care about what kind of coffee people drink when they smoke their cigars. 🙂

          • Armando Monge

            My “lame” comment was more like “bummer” definitely not directed at any individual. I am very familiar with the Espinoza’s and Eddie Ortega great guys, and I Know you are right about them not caring. I’m out just wanted to clear up lame was not directed at anyone. please read my apology post. Take care

  • Pretty lame to see a star*ucks cup in the background of your premium cigar review pictures. star*ucks is the swisher sweet of the coffee world. When smoking a nice premium cigar why wouldn’t you compliment it with coffee from a shop with locally roasted small batch coffee? You stated that you were in Colorado which has no lack of locally owned coffee shops. Just my $.02! P.S. *=f

    • That might be the most asinine objection to a post I have ever read.

      Just so you know… we like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as well. 🙂

      • Armando Monge

        So if you have a blog you expect everything you say to be agreed with? I realize the review was about a cigar but in my eyes smoking a cigar is also the experience which in this case also included a beverage. I’ve never met any of you who run the blog. If you are based in Colorado It would be nice to sit down over a good cigar, but at the end of the day “asinine” or not that’s my opinion. Like I said originally just my $.02.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Well the cigar wasn’t grown or rolled locally, why should the coffee be any different?

      • Armando Monge

        The fact that it is a “boutique”, “craft” type premium cigar as opposed to mass produced is my reasoning. The only reason I brought up local was because the coffee was purchased from a star*ucks in proximity to the smoking location.

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