Revolution by Te Amo

The Revolution cigar by Te Amo is a very unique looking smoke with a rusty brown red San Andres Habano wrapper covering a San Andres Corojo binder with various fillers from Nicaraguan, and San Andres. The label on this cigar is not going to win any design contests. I would HIGHLY recommend that Te Amo hire a marketing team to dress this cigar up because it kinda looks like a cheap grocery store offering. The shape of the cigar is very interesting, it’s very much like a San Lotano oval in that it’s wide on one side and very thin on the other kinda like popsicle stick.

Revolution cigar review

The pre-light draw is very nice with just the right amount of resistance. Toasting and lighting reveals a nice cinnamon flavor with a subtle spice kick to it. There is a nice satisfying feeling to the smoke of this cigar, it’s a dry thick smoke but offers plenty of subtle flavors to keep you guessing. The construction also seems to be excellent, as the cigar burned brilliantly the entire way; never needing any touch-ups or relights. The Revolution cigar is a medium bodied, medium strength cigar and for just about $6 it’s hard to argue with the value.

Revolution cigar rating and review

As I neared the mid point of the Revolution the flavors transitioned from dry grassy cinnamon to more of a warm caramel with a nice sweetness to the flavor which was a fun transition. All the flavors from the Revolution are very deep and earthy which made for a quality smoking experience. The Revolution is a quality cigar and it paired perfectly with my Angel’s Envy Kentucky Bourbon.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes! While I doubt I would go buy a box of these cigars I must admit I enjoyed smoking it a great deal. And for the low price I think it’s worth a spot in the humidor.

Revolution by Te Amo
Cigar performs admirable in pretty much every category and for the low price it's a good value.
  • Great price point
  • Interesting oval shape
  • Good performance
  • Could use more power
  • Cheap looking band
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  • OceanHillCigar

    I have heard mixed reviews about the Revolution by Te-Amo from our customers. Some love it, some hate it, and some are in between, but I guess that can be true of any cigar. We started out with Revolution robustos and eventually ordered the toros.

    It is a decent medium bodied cigar and I agree with CigarDojo’s flavor profile.

  • jimbobber

    I’ve seen these in a local b&m the last couple of months, but the presentation and maybe even the name have just not drawn me in. I’m stopping in there tomorrow and just might pick one up.

  • maxxrocket

    A very enjoyable smoke. Price point is great! I like the band, but admit
    it wouldn’t hurt to “gussy” it up a bit. I caught hints of clove. It is a good stick but when you consider the maker, it is a great stick!