Today I will be smoking the much talked about Headley Grange cigar from Crowned Heads. This cigar is made by cigar legend EP Carillo so I am expecting good things from it. The look of this cigar is really cool. It’s a rusty brown with a cool looking understated/retro label. The smell is delicious with aromas of hay and earth the perfect smell in my opinion.

Headley Grange Cigar Rating

The pre light draw reveals a semi tight but acceptable resistance, much better than the 4 Kicks I tried  a few days earlier which had a near impossible draw (UPDATE: I gave the Four Kicks another shot with dramatically improved results). The cigar lights easily and my first impression is of hazelnut and oak. To be honest with you the first inch of this stick didn’t impress me all that much, but maybe it was because my expectations were too high? The nice thing about this cigar is it seems to get better and better as you smoke it which is the opposite of what many cigars will offer you. By the end of the Headley Grange I was picking up all sorts of warm delicious flavors: caramel, toast, leather, subtle spice. Excellent! Now we are getting somewhere.

Rating and reviewing the Headley Grange cigar

This is a medium bodied cigar with a matching medium strength kick and the burn was absolutely perfect as I never had to touch it up or mess with it in anyway whatsoever which highlights the genius of EP Carillo. My biggest criticism of this stick is the price. At just under $10 per cigar it’s a bit hard for me to recommend it because that’s not exactly cheap and while I enjoyed the cigar very much I would have felt much better about it if this were a $5 stick.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
I might. I enjoyed it more and more as I neared the nub but I can’t say I would recommend it too highly merely because of the high price point. However, if you can get your hands on the Drumstick (lancero vitola) it’s worth every penny.

Headley Grange
The Headley Grange ramps up as you smoke it. The best aspect of this cigar is the final third.
  • Sweet looking presentation
  • Great finish
  • High Price
  • Tight Draw
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  • Consigliere

    I smoked one of these not long ago and had a pretty favorable opinion of it. I enjoyed the flavors even though they weren’t mind blowing. A good medium bodied smoke at a decent price point for me.

  • Todd Wiggins

    For full disclosure, I’m a fan of all things Crowned Heads does. I enjoy there cigars and respect their way of doing business. And as a Nashvillian, I enjoy supporting my local cigar company.

    I love the Four Kicks as an everyday cigar, especially the Seleccion No. 5.

    As for the Headley Grange, I recommend the new Eminentes vitola. In my opinion they are all good, but this smaller ringe gauge really allows the flavor to come through (seems I like these smaller ring gauges).

    There are loads of great cigars out there, especially coming from the smaller boutiques, and I enjoy trying them. I’ll continue to stuff my humidor with cigars from Crowned Heads as they are my go to stick.

    If you haven’t tried the Headley Grange Eminentes, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Mike

    I finally got to smoke one of these last night, and enjoyed it very much. Far better than the Four Kicks in flavor, and burn. I am anxious to try the new Mule Kicks now. These guys make great looking, good smoking cigars!

    • Yeah, I like the retro look of these cigars. I much preferred the Grange over the 4 Kicks.

  • I had my first Headley Grange last night and I felt the first 2 -3 puffs were spicy like the story behind the cigar. The problem for me was after that it became very flat with little to no flavor. At the halfway point though it came back with a vengance had some great earthy flavors. I agree with you for the price point and the anticipation I expected more. I bought 3 so I am putting them to bed for a while and see if that might help it almost always does.

  • CelticBomber

    Hmm makes me think I’ll stick with my EP Carrillo shorts or the 4 Kicks. Maybe if I get one in a trade I’ll try it. Thanks for the review!