The cigar buying process can prove to be a daunting task. With enough options to make your head explode, I’ve decided to help whittle your options down to five solid sources for buying cigars.

First off, let’s cut the field in half and stick to online cigar purchases. Of course there are many fine brick and mortar establishments out there, offering great advice, selection, and a place to enjoy that cigar. But because we are not all blessed with the perfect, local smoke shop, I find online shops to have the best deals, prices, and availability. Shopping online is also a great way to build up a nice, healthy humidor filled with a variety of interesting smokes. With online cigar shops, you are typically given the option of buying your smokes in 5 packs, 10 packs, boxes, or singles. As you might expect, the larger the bundle, the more you’ll save on the per-stick price. Then again, the smaller 5-packs allow you to get a good idea of a cigars identity while still allowing room for a wide variety of cigars.

As with anything, it’s good to have options! You’ll want to have a few shops that you can turn to for you’re many cigar needs. Some shops focus on the price, with constant “cigar blowouts” and deals everywhere you look. While others focus on availability, stocking as many cigars you can think of; or even the shops that offer the rare and interesting, boutique cigars. Of course everyone has their own taste, some people will choose there shop solely based on the environment the shop provides. Take this all into account and you still have a sea of options, that’s why I’ve boiled down a list of the top 5 online cigar shops. On any given day, at least one of these shops should be able to handle your stogie-hunting needs.

In no particular order, here are my recommendations for the 5 best online cigar shops:

Neptune Cigars

Neptune CigarsKing Neptune is known as the God of the Sea, but it appears the King has been sidelining as a great cigar retailer as well. Neptune Cigars, based out of Florida, features an excellent website that’s easy to navigate and offers all kinds of great deals on cigars. Their customer service is outstanding and the shipping is fast (who knew sea creatures knew so much about logistics?). I like to check Neptune’s “Just Landed” page everyday to see what’s new.

What’s the best thing about Neptune Cigars?
The Cigar Dojo wheel of savings – which is not only fun, it can save you up to 18%!!

Atlantic Cigar Co.

Atlantic Cigar Co.These guys run a classy site, it’s elegant and easy to navigate (a huge plus for me!). Atlantic Cigar Co. seems to appeal to the aficionado or the aspiring cigar enthusiast, featuring a unique selection of some of the newest and more sought-after cigars. If you’re getting serious about cigars and want a place that doesn’t mess around, give Atlantic a look; they offer some great sampler packs that even a connoisseur couldn’t turn away from.

What’s the best thing about Atlantic Cigar Co.?
A clean, easy-to-navigate site, featuring very attractive sampler packs. Atlantic Cigar also allows you to add single cigars to your cart which you will not find with most retailers.

JR Cigars

J R CigarsSort of like the Sears or JC Penny of the cigar world, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! JR Cigars offers a TON of cigar brands and accessories, even cigar auctions and great daily deals. On the other hand, they also stock pipes, e-cigarettes, coffee, tea, and even fragrances? Now if you want a one-stop-shop to cover all your flavors and smells, that might be right up your alley. These guys offer some of the best deals out there, but may not include the more rare and intriguing cigars such as Padron or Liga Privada.

What’s the best thing about JR Cigars?
An old school site that offers great deals on classic, go-to smokes.

Famous Smoke Shop

Famous Smoke Shop Cigar MonsterFamous Smoke Shop is like a cigar super store that just so happens to carry the finer things as well, sort of the best of both worlds. These guys offer so many different deals it’s tough to find a starting point. Their 5 packs are uniquely customizable, featuring samplers based on strength, manufacturer, price, and even shape! You can even customize your own samplers to really get an idea of what you like. Sister site Cigar Auctioneer offers some of the best cigar biding action out there and even has a free app so you’ll never be outbid! And Cigar Monster (Famous’ deal app) is one of the most addicting cigar apps, featuring a new cigar deal every hour, with a “cigar mashup” twice a day (all the days deals combined!). On the downside, you may notice repeating deals and find that some are simply not worth it. Still, keep one eye out, as they just may sneak a My Father 5 pack in there for a scary low price, they know how to keep you coming back!

What’s the best thing about Famous Smoke Shop?
Deals deals deals! Including Cigar Monster, a free app that provides some of the best daily deals on the go.

Smoke Inn

Smoke Inn Online Smoke ShopFeaturing shop owner Abe “MING” Dababneh as the site’s stogie-lovin’, friendly “mascot”, these guys truly are a class act in the cigar industry. Seriously, every order I’ve received from Smoke Inn has been accompanied with a personal, handwritten note, they may even send a custom lighter or cigar cutter from time to time! But that’s not what keeps me coming back, Smoke Inn is unique among the other shops in that they seem to be hand-picking their selections based cigars they would actually smoke! You won’t find any Swisher Sweets here, these guys are passionate about cigars and it shows. In fact, Smoke Inn even has their own Micro Blend series, a line of cigars made by top-of-the-line manufacturers (such as Padron, My Father, Arturo Fuente, and Tatuaje) that are exclusive to Smoke Inn’s smoke shop. This gives a chance for “the big guys” to try out some seriously unique, small batch cigars, it’s like single barrel bourbon for the cigar world! This is my go-to shop for the newest, boldest, and most interesting cigars.

What’s the best thing about Smoke Inn?
Exclusive cigars such as TAA cigars that only select retailers receive. Their Micro Blend series offers exclusive, experimental cigars from some of the best brands today.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark these 5 sites, maybe download a couple of the apps and your humidor will be filled in no time. I find that each one serves a purpose in the ongoing quest for a great smoke, because everyone knows a great humidor needs top, bottom, and mid-shelf cigars!

Honorable Mentions…

Other sites to consider when buying cigars online are: PayLess Cigars and PipesSmall Batch Cigars.

  • scollege

    At the time of this article’s original publishing date, Cigar International was a good online company. But unfortunately, it is currently terrible..shipping is hit-and-miss, cigar quality is also a gamble, and customer service seems to have become nonexistent.

    I am not sure what happened – new owners?

  • I have experience buying cigars at, they have best prices out there. I have ordered many boxes through them and delivery is always prompt and and service is great whenever I have to email them for inquiries. I am a loyal customer and am always pleased with all the cigars I have ordered. I have tried other cigar online store and haven’t had such luck; cigars delivered were dry but with Best Cigar Prices the quality has been the best.

  • sacamano

    I swear that every time I compare prices, Atlantic Cigar beats all of them. Downside is that their stock is hit or miss. They do report current in-stock items accurately, though.

  • has a great deal right now …

    Get $10 Off ANY $60+ Order & FREE Shipping! Use Promo Code: CIGARDEALS

    • Mark

      Order is all ways late do not use them in u want this week

  • Bill

    I’ve tried three off your list and they are all good sites. As a Canadian buyer, most sites will not deliver outside the US, but Famous is very accomodating and the customer service is wonderful and they will deliver to Canada. Though I probably pay more, I usually order high rated singles in order to try a lot of different cigars (I’ve got two 100 count humidors full right now with not many duplicates). The Smoke Inn guys are good but they didn’t include an invoice in my trial order and I had to dump a small 5 pack shipment of Tat’s because I had nothing to prove cost to bring them back across the border. Next time I’ll know to print the online invoice. Will try

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Thanks for the comment Bill, it’s good to hear info about international orders, I wasn’t quite sure how that worked.

      • Bill

        Being in a Cdn border city, we have, locally, the major Cuba brands (Cohibas, etc), but little to nothing of non-Cubans, which really limits my choice… I use a US UPS store for deliveries so for me shipping is less of an issue, but many of my Cdn breathren are not so lucky. On the other side though I can completely understand why some places won’t ship to Canada or International, with all the paperwork and duty calculations, etc. Keep up the good work guys, love the Dojo!

  • Jay

    A good word for atlantic cigar, they deliver to canada and they write ”giff” on the pactage.

  • robert is definetly the way to go. its run by and you and get crazy deals on there. often for 50% off msrp or even more. and if you are looking for a great site for cubans the best site hands down is lowest prices,free shipping and no tax and they are always authentic.

  • Brian

    As far as deals go, can you really beat I’ve only bid a handful of times and I’ve won about 2/3 of the lots I’ve bid on. I’ve never paid more than 80% of the prices listed on Cigars International. (Which are already usually pretty good prices, right?) Always got my lots quickly and in good condition. Pretty friggin’ addicitve though. Have others had other (not so good) experiences?

    • fishman1935

      Cbid is the bomb. Would never have discovered AJ Fernandez if not for C-Bid. Try a Man O War Ruination #1, and tell me you don’t love it. I typically pay between $2.50 and $5 per for $5 to $10 sticks. If you can’t find the highest end sticks local, they’re on C bid. God of Fire, Opus X, pre embargo Camacho’s, Diamond Crowns, lots of vintage Tats, Don Carlos anniversary sticks, you’ll pay, but they have the high end. Never had a mis pack, and Brown delivers on time. The Cigar Geek app is also the best humidor app out there IMHO. I have 1639 sticks in my previously smoked humidor. Boom!

  • I agree with all 5 online sites that you have mentioned. I also really like because they really have great deals all the time and great customer service.

    • Okay, so like I said Best Cigar Prices is also part of Cigar International…..

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Yes I agree, I mentioned them along with Cigars International

  • Or

    I usually go for the Boutique online stores, because they don’t cater to too many people the quality of their products is great and the service not far from it.

    My current personal favorite: really good cuban leaf cigars.

  • I have gotten my self in trouble with some very signifigant buys on both cigar bid and cigarauctioneer. I also like Buckhead cigar for some of the boutiques I like, but all 5 mentioned are good and easy to deal with. As far as saving money here’s an example was at my B&M last night and I wanted to fill a hole in my stock. I purchased a God of Fire serie B for $22 but I got God of Fire by Don Carlos Robusto – 5-Pack for 55 on cigar bid the day before. I am lucky to be in Central Florida where we have several very good B&M’s Corona Cigar Company is a cigar superstore, and my favorite boutique is Cigarhustler which also has an online store. Good article thanks,

  • Hamaki Sumo

    I have bought a few sample packs from Smoke Inn,they come in the mail quick, in good shape, and maybe a bit derpy of me, but the personal touch of a signed “thank you” is a really cool touch from them. I will buy from them again for sure. Haven’t tried any of the others, cant comment.

  • markp57

    i have used all 5 of the sites ,with smoke inn being my go to.The selection is always number one and the personal touch is #1,also i have been going to their b&M locations since tequesta was the only one.



  • BigEasySmoke

    Great article. I’ve ordered from three of the five and have walked away extremely pleased with all three. Smoke Inn does seem to have the most personal touch, even more so than my local b&m. I’ve had one bad experience with Famous, and they didn’t hesitate to make it right even though it wasn’t entirely their fault. CI’s deals are usually so good that my only regret is having limited income and having to choose.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Thanks BigEasy! I’ve only had one issue with Famous as well, and they were quick to appease me. Gotta love that Mashup app as well!

  • Dave

    I have made some nice purchases from as well.

  • One more to add to the pile:

    I don’t know how they do it, but they sell one of my go-to cigars, Oliva Serie G Churchill, for a ridiculously cheap price!


  • A fantastic read

    Great amount of information, and I already have them bookmarked, and have started browsing for sticks to try and cool accessories. Great article, I look forward to more like this.

  • cmdr

    Good resource.

    As a cigar noob (just over a year now), I got my start with Famous and can’t say enough about the ease of use and design of their website and how convenient the different 5-packs (often with free shipping) from Cigar Monster were both to my wallet and to allowing me a wide variety while I waded into the cigar world.

    While Famous is still my standby, now that I have a grasp on what I want/like in a cigar, I’ve been looking to branch out to find more specialty or boutique brands, and this list is a good place for me to start.

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